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8 Ways to Effectively Organize Your Nail Desk


Imagine this; your workspace is decluttered right after catering a client, your dip powders and e-file are scattered all over your nail desk. Since you're fully booked, you need to immediately clean up the mess whether you're working in a home or an office-based nail salon. Sanitation is a must. 

Organization isn’t about perfection. It’s about efficiency, reducing stress and clutter, saving time and money, and overall quality of life.- Christina Scalise

Your nail desk is where you do most of your nail art masterpieces, chat with your clients, and where you practice your craft during your spare time. In short, you spend the majority of your time and energy at your nail salon desk. Therefore you want to ensure that it's decluttered, reflects your personality, and adds to the overall ambiance of your nail salon. Here are our effective tips on how you can declutter your nail desk.


1. Organizers are your friends


As a nail tech or nail salon owner, you need organizers to keep your nail products intact and presentable. The number of nail products you use daily as a nail professional, from gel polishes to brushes and tools, is a recipe for a decluttered space. 

Aside from organizers, you can also use a nail polish rack to keep your nail polishes all in order. The important thing is to make sure your nail essentials, such as nail art stickers to nail tips are accessible in one place, making you work efficiently during a nail sesh.

You have to consider organizing your nail products often if you're always looking for iGel Beauty 60% sale or other promos. Since nail mails will often bring nail goodies that can declutter your nail desk or workspace in the process; therefore nail racks are essential.


2. Arrange your nail products by height or color


You can organize your nail products by height or color if you want it to look aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. When it comes to arranging your nail art tools, it all boils down to your preference, and if you organize it by height or color, it'll be much easier to keep track of your items whenever you need them.


3. Apply a minimalist approach


Do you want to know why Steve Jobs is successful aside from his innovation with Apple products? it's because of his minimalist lifestyle. If you're unfamiliar with the minimalist design, you can check out numerous visual pegs on Pinterest and get inspired. The essence of minimalism can be described by "less is more," just using simple yet essential products and needs in our lives.

Most minimalist interior designs or home decors use white colors, so you can opt for a white nail desk for a more clean or organized effect. This lifestyle is not fully applicable for a nail salon or a nail tech since many nail products are needed every day for work, but the main idea is to keep your nail desk filled with necessary things.


4. Try Marie Kondo’s method


If you haven't watched the Netflix show Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, you should! You can try Marie Kondo's decluttering method called the Konmari method, in which you clean up your space by category and keep things that spark joy in your soul or heart.

Of course, it can be hard to choose which nail products or items to get rid of since, as a nail enthusiast, beauty products make you feel giddy inside, not unless those are empty and only add up space, then it's time to let them go. 

5. Use boxes or containers


Another nail essentials you need to declutter your space are boxes or containers of all sizes from small to medium to store bulky nail products like airbrush systems or nail lamps. It's important to place them in a dry and safe space under your desk or in your nail desk drawers.


6. Use a file organizer


You're a nail business owner, and you probably have tons of files and paperwork all piled up on your desk. What you can do to organize your nail desk is to transition to using paperless transactions or use your laptop or desktop to keep your important files and documents.

If you love to use planners or to-do lists, you can store your notebooks or lists on your nail desk drawer or use a designated storage for those files. To keep it professional and organized, you can also use a file organizer.


7. Use labels


When you're too busy working on a nail art design, you're bound to forget where your things are; here's when labels come in handy, you can add labels on your nail desk drawers to remind you or just plain ol sticky notes if you want something simple. Labels can be a lifesaver when you're also doing inventories or cleaning.


8. Organize by your mood or style


Remember, your nail desk reflects who you are, and a lot can change in just a year right, you might want to revamp your nail workspace to encourage your creativity or align with your marketing as a nail tech

You can organize your nail desk by adding nail desk accessories that you fancy, such as a nail desk lamp or an armrest. If you're decluttering to ease your mental health care as a form of meditation, then it's a good thing to do! Don't be afraid to change things and make space for new nail products while you're at it!



Ah, the satisfying feeling of effectively organizing your nail desk is something you want to experience again- the same way you wish to receive nail mails often. If you're looking for nail desks or nail art design inspirations, you're welcome to join our iGel Beauty Facebook community! Join now.