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Starting your own Nail Salon: Equipment

Congratulations! You've decided to open your very own nail salon! We are so proud of you. ♡

It all starts with a dream or an idea. If you've yet to organize the technical aspect, we highly recommend you to read our article How to Open your own Nail Salon.

1. Furnishing

  • Necessities

    • Pedicure Chairs

      • Padded recliners are your best bet! Remember, your selling motto should be along the lines of Treat YourselfHowever, if you're on a tight budget, we suggest buying nice chairs and adding cute throw pillows.

    • Equipment Sanitizers

      • Wash and dry or sterilize reusable metal instruments and place them into a sanitizer that uses UV rays or heat. If you have got extra cash, you could opt to purchase an autoclave for guaranteed sanitation.

    • Receiving Window/Desk

      • File and organize. This just ties together the whole professional salon look!

  • Aesthetics

    • Visual Appeal

      • Color

Color is so much more the four corners of your salon. It's the whole package! From the chairs, the organization of your displays, and the way the light strikes the right places. Swatch and match. 

    You could take color cards and choose a design! (e.g. mix neutrals such as white and beige with elegant pastels)

        • Form

    It could come in the form of shapes or item placement. You have to consider the size of your salon. Is it small and cozy or large and grand? Space means everything when it comes to form. Remember, salon time is a luxury. Most customers will come to unwind and beautify themselves. 

    You could try an angular or loop floor plan.

          • Angular: This form presents curves and angles to improve the elegance of a store. However, this may also lessen display space if your salon would showcase products and swatches. Most high-end luxury stores use this floor plan. This is great for partial privacy amongst customers too!

          • Loop: This is basically placing an island in the middle of the room, whether it be a display or a divider with recliners on both sides. Think of a box with a smaller box at the center. If you have limited but exceptional staff that are constantly on the move, this store layout would be optimal. Alternatively, you could place fixtures and merchandise there. This would also provide a bit of privacy for people on the other side.

      • Scent 

        • Okay so maybe your salon does not have to smell pastry fresh unless you have a side snack bar. However, you could use some essential oils to liven up the sense of smell! (e.g. lemon, sakura, peppermint, frangipani)

      • Sound

        • Depending on your overall aesthetic, you could play around with soothing sounds like the rainforest, soulful beats, or create a playlist personally tailored for your salon! 

    Subconsciously, everyone judges a store when entering. The overall aesthetics of your store is what entices customers to stay. 

    2. Tools

    • Necessities

      • Lamps

      • Hand Buffers

      • Base Coats

        ✔ Gel Polish (before Top Coats)

        ✔ Dipping Method Base

        ✔ Acrylic Set

        ✔ Sculpture Gel

        Note: Do not use the silver capped Pro Gel Base for the items above. It is only for the Pro Tip system. It is used for long-lasting adherence of your Pro Gel Tips to your natural nail bed.

    If you're ordering our sculpture gel, we recommend our Sculpture Gel Nail Tips Box – iGel Beauty or Nail Forms.♡

    • Assistance 

      • Drills

        • Of course, you could substitute these with regular hand buffers. However, if you're pressed for time, you definitely have to bring out the drills. Not to mention it's so much more professional-looking.

      • Air Brushes

        • Looking for a luxurious modern-day ombrè or perfect shapes? Say hello to airbrushes, an easy spray tool.

    3. Materials

        • Swatches
          A definite need. This is great when picking out colors to buy for the salon, as well as providing customers a palette option while waiting.

    What sets your salon apart? The experience. Customers could come to try products they don't feel like committing to yet, or for that luxury feel. 

    Overwhelmed? No problem! iGel Beauty is here to listen to your worries. You may reach out to us at our email or our Facebook Community wherein fellow Beauties such as yourself lift each other up! ♡

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