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8 Popular Nail Shapes & How to Achieve Them

Okay, eight is a lot. How would you know the perfect fit? What should you try first? No fuss, leave it to us!

According to our experts, the easiest way to find the perfect shape for you is to check your cuticles. However, you don't have to let that hinder trying other shapes. There is nothing you can't do. Whether you want to try the traditional oval-shaped nails or fierce dramatic stiletto-shaped nails, we’ve got you covered.

Read on to discover the 8 most popular nail shapes and how to file them at home.

Shaping 101 Series - How To Shape And File Nails

  1. Oval-Shaped Nails 

Being a big hit in the '90s, oval nails are known to be the traditional nail shape. It's a classic! Oval nails can give an illusion to your fingers, making them appear slimmer and longer. If you are trying to achieve a more feminine and elegant look, oval-shaped nails are the way to go.

    To achieve the sophisticated oval shape, file the sidewalls of your nails to make them even and straight. Next, file around the sidewalls to get an oval (egg-like) shape. Be sure to make the angles similar on both sides.




    1. Round-Shaped Nails

    If you’re looking for the easiest shape, try round-shaped nails. Round nails are cute and extend slightly past your smile line, which makes it ideal for people who prefer short nails. Round nails are easy to maintain but they also look good.

    If you want round-shaped nails, shape and file your nails square first. Next, file along the smile line or the natural curve of your fingertips. Round nails can give an illusion of a thinner nail bed for people with wide nail beds.



    1. Square-Shaped Nails


    Square-shaped nails are also low maintenance. This shape is ideal for wider nail beds, if the goal is to look narrower. Square nails can be achieved with little effort. If you don’t have weak or brittle nails, square-shaped nails won’t break off easily and will last longer.

    To achieve the perfect square shape, slightly clip the tip of your nails and file the sidewalls. Make sure that the sidewalls are straight and perpendicular to the tip of your nails. After you get the square shape, file the edges of the nails to make the edges smooth.



    1. Squoval-Shaped NailsSquoval

    What is a squoval? A squoval is a perfect balance between square and oval. It combines the minimal maintenance of square nails with the elegance of oval nails. The squoval is amongst the most popular nail shapes. Its curved edges make it easier to maintain this shape.

    For this shape, file the sidewalls to make them even and straight, just like the square nails. Next, file the edges until the tip of your nails is rounded. File across the tip and edges to get rid of roughness.


    1. Almond–Shaped Nails


    This nail shape is also called a pointed nail shape since resembles an oval with a pointed free edge. As the name suggests, almond-shaped nails are slender along the sides and wider at the base.

    To achieve this shape, mark the center of the free edge. After locating the center spot, file the sides of your nails to make a peak at the marked, central point. Lastly, lightly smoothen out the sharp or rough edges using a nail file.




    1. Stiletto-Shaped Nails


    Fierce, dynamic, and a little dramatic. These claw-like nails are stars-studded, a celebrity favorite! This nail shape makes your hands appear longer and slender. They may not be as easy to maintain, but boy are they beautiful. A well-maintained stiletto tip shows less-work, high-class lifestyle. They are filed just like the almond-shaped nails.

    To get the stiletto shape, mark the center point of the tips of your nails. Start filing the sidewalls and again make a peak at the central point. The only difference is that this nail shape is much more pointed than almond-shaped nails.


    1. Ballerina-Shaped Nails


    Also known as the coffin-shaped nails, the ballerina nail shape is shaped like the shoe of a ballerina of the highest level: the pointé. Much like the stiletto nail, the ballerina is pointed, but subtle: a blunt trapezoid-like tip.

    To achieve beautiful ballerina-shaped nails, you have to locate a central point at the tip of your nails (you could use a ruler or tape measure if you're a perfectionist like us!). Afterward, file the sidewalls until you reach the central point. Then, square out the tips of your nails and remove the pointed tip.



    1. Lipstick-Shaped Nails

    As the name suggests, the cut angle of lipstick-shaped nails resembles the lipstick tube. It is a sultry nail shape that can be great for special occasions.

    To achieve this nail shape, file the sidewalls just like the square-shaped nails. File the tip so that one side of the tip is longer than the other. File the tip and the edges to remove roughness.



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