Top 5 Nail Hacks You NEED to Know!

Some ideas may sound unconventional, but in the end, thinking outside the box may just be the thing that gives you your own personal touch! Don't be afraid to dabble. This could set your nails apart from the rest.

To help inspire fellow Beauties, we've placed our favorite nail hacks below. Here's to better nails! 

1. Tips for Tips.

Fragile nails? Try our hybrids: Builder in a Bottle or Sculpture Gel!

Article for Builder Gel: Builder Gel 101: Application, Removal, and Troubleshooting

Article for Sculpture Gel: Sculpture Gel 101: Application, Removal, and Troubleshooting

2. Glass Paper. Get that Class with Glass.

Aurora Borealis meets the stained glass castle in Beauty and the Beast!

Most beginners may find this intimidating. No worries! Although festive and bright, we assure you that this is not a Christmas decoration! So grab a pair of scissors and encapsulate this beauty.

Pro Tip: This product works best with foil gel! The foil gel adhesion works wonders, and is clingier than gel base or top coat. As for putting the pieces in for encapsulation, we recommend using a rhinestone picker or wax pencil for picking up pieces of glass paper.

3. Many Uses of Monomer.

  • Soft-served Spring.

Wish you could use your favorite dip gel polish color as a soft pastel this season? Say no more! Grab your nearest clear or natural white powder and start mixing it in your slow-setting monomer.

Formula: Gel Polish + (White Powder + Monomer) = Pastel 

  • Monomer Brush Rinse.

Does your brush get harder every time you rinse it with acrylic? We know how that feels! No worries, we've got the solution for youMonomer!

Speaking of brushes, if you would like to widen or narrow your brush, you may do so in just a pinch. Here's the article on how to: How to Pinch Your Kolinsky Brushes

4. Thrills of Drills.

Let drills make your life a lot easier! 

  • Tornado Bit Removal of acrylic and gel

  • Mandrel Shapes nails and makes the edge smooth

    • Holds the arbor band. Can be used to prep the natural nail as well as make detailed refinements to finished nails

  • Barrel Polishes nails a healthy shine, pushes back circles and stimulates the growth of nail

  • Nylon Brush Helps remove dust particles in the nail polish process

  • Cone Shape Flattens and smoothest the extra thick nails and rippled surfaces

  • Diamond Ball Detailed cuticle prep work

    • for the areas between the nail and cuticle, the crease

Trouble choosing? Try our assorted pack!

Textures: Fine, Medium, Coarse.

Fine: Safest Removal Grit

  • Great for natural nail bed

  • Does not remove as much product

  • Tighter grooves

*recommended for beginners!

Medium: Smoothest

  • Wider Grooves

  • Smoother than Fine and Coarse

Coarse: Fastest

  • Widest Grooves

  • Fastest for product removal

  • Efficient even for the thickest of layers (e.g. acrylic, sculpture gel, builder gel, etc.)

*best used by advanced nail technicians

Sanding bands: This is used to buff nail surfaces, and is mainly on the natural nail.

Have you ever seen the fact that they come several in one bag? This is meant for sanitary reasons. One and done!

Recommendation for technicians with many clients:
Easy-Off Mandrel - hassle-free removal
Long Life Mandrel - holds the sanding band into place

 5. Removal: Edible Inducers

Soak-off Bowl-ception! You may place the acetone in a glass bowl and place another bowl of raw heated rice or hot water underneath. Yes, you read that right! If you are using rice, heat it without water for 1 minute. The hot rice will heat the acetone and speed up the process. 

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