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How to Use No-Wipe Jewelry Gel

Tired of your nail art falling off so easily? iGel Beauty's No Wipe Jewelry Gel is perfectly formulated to hold gems and rhinestones that will stay on for weeks! It's super easy - you can do it yourself right at home!

All you'll need is:

No Wipe Jewelry Gel
Hybrid Pro LED Lamp
Dual Gel & Pure Kolinsky #2 3D Flower Brush

No Cleanse Gel Top Coat
Swarovski Crystals and Microbeads


Apply a thin coat of Jewelry Gel to the area where you would like your placement to be. Make sure you don't add too much gel or else the crystals will slide away before curing.

how to use igel beauty jewelry gel


Gently remove the remaining gel from the brush on a lint-free napkin so that we may reuse the same brush to pick up the crystals without leaving a thick coat of gel on the surface of the crystal.  The best part about the Jewelry Gel is, it needs an LED or UV lamp to fully cure.  This means we have a lot of time to perfect our placement before committing to the design!

igel beauty no wipe jewelry gel

STEP 3: 

Once you're happy with the design, flash cure in the Hybrid Pro LED Lamp for 30 seconds.

igel beauty no wipe jewelry gel


Apply a decent amount of gel and gently push the gel in between the crystals. Make sure you don't go over the crystals surface, otherwise it will cover the cut of the crystal and lose its shine.


After sealing the crystals, blend the remaining gel on the rest of the nails to leave a seamless transition. Cure for one full minute.


Apply iGel Beauty No-Cleanse Top Coat on the surface of the nails only.  Avoid getting the top coat on the gems. Cure for one full minute.

And Violà! Your Nail Art is complete! 


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