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How to use Pro Gel System - Press, Cure, and Polish!

Hi Beauties!

Have you heard about our new Pro Gel Tip System?  Cut your nail session down to minutes with our cutting edge Pre-sculpted Gel tips!

What is Pro Gel? 

Our Pro Gel Tips come in four different sizes and lengths! + more to come!

These are FULL coverage multipurpose tips that you may customize to your liking! Whether it be gel, dip, or acrylic; it's perfect for all Beauties nail-philic!

What are normal tips made of?

Most tip extensions are made of acrylic plastic. They are typically flexible, yet sturdy for foundation without additional support are made for extensions of your natural nail bed.

Unlike the acrylic tips, the gel tips offer a more natural solution to longer, stronger and sturdier nails! They're lightweight and pre-shaped to give you salon quality nails within minutes. They don't need to be refilled, you can simply file down and soak off as needed! And yes, it's as simple as that!

Products Required

How to Apply

1. Prep

First, prep your nails as you would during any manicure. Gently push back your cuticles and trim them as needed. Then, Lightly buff/rough the surface of your nails to prep the surface for adhesion! If you would like to know how our experts prep their nails, you may read our article How to Prep Your Nails Like a Pro

2. Measure

Next, measure your nail beds to be fitted for the perfect tip size. This is the hardest part. Be sure that the tip doesn't just fit your nail bed, but has extra room to truly customize the shape of each nail as your fingers may have different lengths on each hand. Each clear nail should fit without force just inside your cuticles. You can file the sides of the Pro Gel tips as needed to fit. Then, etch the bottom of your clear tip with a hand buffer or E-File lightly to prep it for the next step!

Note: When measuring, it should be over your bare nail without any polish, gel, or acrylics!

3. Apply Prime & Bond (Optional)

Use your iGel Beauty pH Bonder to dehydrate your nail beds of any natural oils.

Add a thin layer of the iGel Beauty Ultimate Bond Primer to create adhesion. These two steps aren't mandatory, but it offers you more protection and durability for long lasting wear.

4. Apply Base Coat

Apply a thin layer of iGel Beauty Gel Base coat, and cure it for 30 seconds, this time may fluctuate depending on your lamp wattage.


5. Apply Pro Gel Base & Tip

Apply a thin layer of iGel Beauty Pro Gel Base to the underside of the Pro Gel Tip.

Apply light pressure from the tip to the nail bed and flash cure for 3-5 seconds using your Mini LED Pro Lamp. Be sure to cure both sides of the nail bed as well as the front facing direction to allow all sides to securely set.

Most importantly, although often neglected, wipe off any excess Pro Gel Base from your cuticle line or underneath your nail. Follow up with a 60 second cure with your UV/LED Lamp.

The Mini LED Pro Lamp is the perfect tool for flashing curing as it is portable and lightweight. You can also achieve the side angling curing with little to no effort with the compact fit of the lamp. The two legs can be folded in and fits in your pocket for on the go convenience!

Pro Tip! If you are using the Pro Gel Tip System on yourself, you can lay the Mini LED Lamp sideways and cure the tip without having the legs of the lamp limit your flexibility!

After your tips are applied, you may trim them if desired. If not, you finally get to decide your next look! You could keep it simple with Gel or Lacquer Polish, or supplement with colored dip or acrylic for more strength. The possibilities are endless!


How to Remove

Done with it already? Well, whether you're ready for a new set of nails or would just like a breather, it's essential for the health of your nails that you remove these properly. No pulling, no chipping!

1. Buff with Love.

Remove the shiny layer, we highly recommend buffing/roughing the shiny layer before soaking it. You may also use a hand buffer or your e-file of choice to remove the bulk of your polish without reaching the natural nail. Be careful! Buff with love.

2. Soak and Submerge.

Afterward, you may proceed to soak your nails in 100% acetone for 5-20 minutes (depending on how thick the remaining polish is left).

Pro Tip! Bowl-ception. You may place the acetone in a glass bowl and place another bowl of raw heated rice or hot water underneath. Yes, you read that right! If you are using rice, heat it without water for 1 minute. The hot rice will heat the acetone and speed up the process. 

3. Softly Scrape.

If it won't come off, please re-soak them for another 5 minutes. Be gentle with your nails. Do not force-scrape them off. Once they are soft enough, you may lightly scrape them off.

Please keep in mind that you may leave little scrapes, cracks, or chips if removal is harshly done.

4. Resilient? Repeat.

If tiny remnants of polish remains, gently buff off the residue with a hand buffer or sanding band.

Questions or Concerns? We warmly encourage you to reach out to us at our email or join our iGel Beauty Facebook community for more tips, tricks, and inspiration! We are here for you.♡

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