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How to Use: UV Sterilization Box

Need a clean, non-green sterilizing machine? We got just the thing! Sterilize all your items with the UV Sterilization box.

What is a UV Sterilization Box?

A UV sterilization box is a device that removes and deactivates microorganisms on the surface of the item you place inside the box.

Other than sterilizing your nail equipment (like your nail files and drill bits), it is great for sterilizing items such as your phone, keys, brushes, masks, jewelry, pens, pacifiers, money, and just about anything you can fit! However, we do recommend completely removing the acetone from your items such as your drill bits before placing it in the disinfection chamber.

Bonus! It's also a wireless charger for your phone. Simply just plug the machine into a socket or power bank. Afterward, place your phone (that is capable of wireless charging inside the box, making sure that the box is properly closed). Once you push the blue button, it will turn green and let you know that your device is properly charging. After waiting five minutes your box will make a cute little beep to notify you that your phone is fully sterilized! Now your phone is clean and charged.

Why is Sterilization is Important?

✔ In times like the pandemic, the UV sterilization box is an essential tool that helps clean your day-to-day items, whilst preventing surface fading and dousing your phone like when you use alcohol! You will no longer need to buy excessive amounts of alcohol, bleach, and disposable materials. 

✔ Overall cleanliness is important! Bacteria build up may occur in the tools that you frequently use. Amongst the common bacteria that reside in ordinary items are Staphylococcus aureus, Streptococcus sp.and E.coli. But wait, there's more! Fungi could grow and build up in your nails as well. This would cause brittle, pungent, and unfavorable nails. 

Main Features:

✔ Kills 99.99% of Germs causing illness with Ultra Violet Technology

✔ 10W Wireless Charging: Sanitize and Charge at the same time!

✔ 360 Degrees sterilization

Reference: UV Lights and Lamps: Ultraviolet-C Radiation, Disinfection, and Coronavirus | FDA

How to Use Your UV Sterilization Box.

1. Power it up!

Plug your device into your nearest socket or power bank. The button will light up blue to signify that your sterilization box is properly plugged.

2. Green is Go!

Place your item in the sterilization box, and completely close the chamber. To initiate the sterilization process, click on the blue button. The button will turn green to signify that the sterilization process has begun. Once green, it will automatically start the five-minute sterilization count-down.

Note: Please make sure that your items such as your drill bits and files are without acetone. Although it will not disrupt the sterilization process, It could potentially dent your device.

3. Beep to Finish! 

Beep-beep! You will hear a cute little beep at the end of the sterilization process which will signify that your item is fully clean! Go on, take your newly sterilized item, and be safer from harmful organisms! 


1. Is any type of solution required for the sterilization process?

Not at all! The mechanism uses UV light to rid your selected item of microorganisms. However, if you would like to use the scented diffuser, you may add essential oils. The UV sterilization device comes with two pipettes that you could use to drop the essential oils for that spa-like aromatherapeutic scent. Simply insert it into the two holes located near the center of the box!

2. How long does it take to sterilize certain items?

It would take 5 minutes to sterilize the surface of anything that you place inside.

3. Does it make noise?

During the sterilization process, the device would remain silent. However, it does make a cute little beeping sound once the process is complete!

4. Do large phones fit inside the sterilization box?

Yes, absolutely! 

5. Was this laboratory-tested?

Yes, the sterilization box was approved by a microbiology lab in the United States!

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How to Use: UV Sterilization Box


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