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Our iGel Beauty CHROME EDITION SILVER - HYBRID PRO Wireless Rechargeable UV/LED Lamp just got more affordable!

Grab our refurbished lamp designed with sleek, compact features and high-definition LED performance for professional and high-quality curing! Our 5200 mAh battery outlasts all with 3 hours of continuous use. It also comes with a removable tray and motion sensors for smart timing capabilities and multiple settings for maximum efficiency!


What is a refurbished product? A refurbished product is a repaired unused or lightly used item from customer returns. They are fully sanitized and are still considered to be in new condition, as used parts may be replaced or upgraded.

Refurbished products may come with minor contents missing such as the warranty card, user manor, or the original box.


  • Cordless Wireless & Rechargeable up to 2 hours of continuous use
  • Removable battery for easy replacement
  • Strategically placed UV/LED bulbs to cure all 5 fingers GUARANTEED!
  • Smart display with motion sensor 30s, 60s, 90s timer
  • Smart auto sensing Builder Gel Mode for no burn curing
  • Built in battery indicator
  • Removable stainless steel tray for pedicures
  • Acetone resistant body
  • Built in fan / vents for comfort
  • Built in handle for safe mobility
  • 50,000 hours UV/LED life
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty
  • Hybrid Pro US Patent No.:D914,291


  • Power: 48W MAX
  • Input Voltage: AC100~240V, 50~60Hz
  • Output: DC15V 3A
  • Size: 235*225*94mm
  • Wavelength: 365nm&400nm
  • Battery Capacity: 11.1V 4000mAh, full charged 12.6V


    How to Cure.

    1. After applying your chosen medium (e.g. gel polish, builder gel, or sculpture gel), you are ready to cure your nails.

    2. To flash cure in between layers of your chosen medium, place your nails under your lamp for 5-10 seconds. This strengthens the structure of your nail.

    3. To fully cure your nails, place them inside the lamp for 60-90 seconds. You may also place your fingers one at a time to optimize all curing angles for one nail.

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