REFURBISHED - Phantom Pro Dust Collector

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Missed the one? This is your last chance to grab the Phantom Pro Dust Collector good as new! 


What is a refurbished product? A refurbished product is a repaired unused or lightly used item from customer returns. They are fully sanitized and are still considered to be in new condition, as used parts may be replaced or upgraded.

Refurbished products may come with minor contents missing such as the warranty card, user manual, or the original box.


Powder: 36W Max
Input Voltage: AC100~240V, 50~60Hz
Output: DC24V 2A
Power Stages: 1900/2700/3500RPM(MAX)
Battery Capacity: 
Dimension:  10.71 x 9.10 x 2.99 Inches



✔ Wireless & Rechargeable

✔ Touch control adjustable suction

✔ Front view battery indicator

✔ Extended battery for up to 3 hours of continuous rate

✔ Built-in safety switch when removing filter

✔ Acetone-resistant body

✔  6-month manufacturer warranty 



1. Ensure proper charge is obtained if you are using it cordlessly, or plug it into the power adapter.

2. Turn on the switch to engage the power and watch the blue LED lights turn on.

3. Ensure that the filter is properly 'clicked' into place.

4. Select from one of the three power suction settings for Low, Medium, or Max performance!

How to Clean:

1. Power off the Phantom Pro Dust Collector, or simply pull the filter out.  This will automatically trigger our safety feature and disable the internal fan from further movement.

2. Pull out the tray and discard any dust particles. Do not get the filter wet. We suggest using a hair dryer to blow out the dust particles on cool.

3. You may also tap lightly to remove any larger dust particles and reinsert into the chamber as needed.

4. Removable trays can be cleaned after each use to extend the usage, however we highly recommend purchasing replacement filters.