REFURBISHED - UV Sterilization Box with Smartphone Wireless Charging

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As clean as can be. With everything that's been going on, sterilization should be a priority! So we're offering refurbished sterilization boxes at an ever more budgeted rate. Stay safe!


What is a refurbished product? A refurbished product is a repaired unused or lightly used item from customer returns. They are fully sanitized and are still considered to be in new condition, as used parts may be replaced or upgraded.

Refurbished products may come with minor contents missing such as the warranty card, user manor, or the original box.


  • Sterilize with Ultra Violet Technology
  • 10W Wireless Charging: Sanitize and Charge at the same time!
  • 360 Degrees circulation sterilizes without dead angle
  • Kills 99.99% of Germs causing illness with Ultra Violet Technology

  • How to Sterilize.

    1. Plug your device into the nearest socket or power bank. The button will light up and signify that your sterilization box is nearly plugged.

    2. To begin the sterilization process, place your item inside and close the box. Then, click on the blue button to switch it green.

    3. After 5 minutes, a small beep will notify you that your device is fully sterilized.

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