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Providing better adhesion than the standard nail dehydrator! Our PH Bonder is formulated to perfectly balance the PH of your nail to prep for your mani! 

For best results, use this prior to our Ultra Bond Primer!


Product Size: 0.5 oz (15mL)



Application Instructions:

1. Prep your nails: push back the cuticle, trim the cuticle, buff, and file as needed, then wipe with alcohol.

2. Measure your Pro Gel Tips to your appropriate nail size and etch the Pro Gel Tip with a hand or e-File. 

3. Apply pH Bonder and Ultra Bond Primer then apply Pro Gel Base and your Pro Gel TIps.

4. Apply light pressure from the cuticle to the tip, then flash cure using your UV/LED lamp. Be sure to cure both sides of the nail bed as well as the front-facing direction to allow all sides to securely set. You may gently buff and file the nails to your liking or leave them as is. 

5. Use an alcohol wipe to clean the nails and apply your chosen nail medium and cure. 

Removal Instructions:

Buff off the shiny layer and soak your nails in acetone for 5-20 minutes, depending on how thick the remaining medium is. Gently scrape off the remaining nail medium once it's soft enough. If it won't come off, re-soak them for another 5 minutes. 


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MSDS Sheets:

iGel PH Bond