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Multiple ways to easily start earning your points!
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    Keep an eye on your points balance and watch it grow with each purchase.

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We have all the answers for you—right here.

How Can I Earn Loyalty Points?

There are various ways to earn loyalty points. Creating an account with us already gives you 500 points! Navigating to the Rewards tab and clicking “My Rewards” will show you all of our methods to earn loyalty points.

Otherwise, head to the link below:

Earn and redeem support article

What Can I Redeem with Loyalty Points?

You can exchange your loyalty points for multiple rewards, including $5 vouchers for each 500 points. You can redeem up to $1000 in vouchers for each 100,000 points.

How Long Does it Take for the Points to Reflect After Leaving a Product Review?

You should receive your 50 points instantly after leaving a product review. For multiple product reviews, you should also receive your points instantly, all at once.

Help! I Placed an Order Under a Guest Account. Can I Transfer it to My Primary Account?

Good news! If you ordered through a guest account or a duplicate account, we are happy to inform you that we can merge your information (order history, reward points, contact information, and shipping information) to your primary account that you'd like to retain. Feel free to reach out to us at and provide us with your order number so that we can initiate the merging process.

Can I Use Other Codes Along with an Ongoing Sale/Marked-Down Items on the Site?

Yes! Redeemed loyalty point rewards that have been converted into gift cards (code to be sent to your registered email) and discount codes, i.e., LUNAR50, can be stacked on top of each other. You may also use your gift card codes on marked-down items on the site.

Please note that for the items on the 70% off outlet, no other codes or promotions can be applied on top of it, i.e., LUNAR50

Do Special Bundles Earn Points?

Special bundles, refill bundles, pallets, and other promotional items will not earn points. Please know that these bundles are already at their lowest or fixed price and cannot be combined with any other promotional offers, such as earning points to redeem discount vouchers. However, collections like our Dip & Dap Duo Professional Collection 1-159 are eligible to earn reward points.