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Have trouble with your foil designs? Our Foil Transfer Gel is formulated to easily apply your most gorgeous designs in the easiest way possible while keeping them long-lasting!

Pro Tip! Recommended to be used with iGel No Cleanse Top Coat for optimal results!


Product Type: Gel
Product Size: 0.6 oz (18mL)



✔ UV/LED light cured

✔ Soak off fast

✔ No damage to real nails


Application Instructions:

1. Apply a thin layer on your finished nails for 30 sec (depending on the power of your UV/LED lamp).

2. Apply the foil to your nail.

3. Press and Rub the foil thoroughly and slowly peel the sheet away. You will see the foil stick to your nails.

4. Top it off with the iGel No Cleanse Top Coat and seal the edges to keep the foil from chipping or peeling. 


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