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8 Best Online Marketing Strategies for Your Nail Business


We all know that marketing is essential for any business, especially if you're a nail tech. You have to put the word out that you're open for business. To start, we have a blog tackling effective ways to market yourself as a nail tech. In this blog, we'll guide you on the different online marketing strategies you can implement to promote your nail business. 


How to create an online marketing strategy?

You can do many effective online marketing strategies as a nail tech or nail salon owner. However, you have to go back to the beginning when you plan to open a nail salon and think about your business plan. 


STEP 1: Know your audience


The first thing that you have to know is who your audience is. For example, are you targeting millennials who love acrylic nail art or gel nails? How about those who love purchasing diy press-on nails? Knowing your audience will help you understand the best online marketing strategy to capture their interest and what platform you should use.

STEP 2: Align your marketing strategy with your business goals


You have to consider if your chosen marketing strategy suits your business goals. For example, do you plan to do PPC marketing and have a budget for it in the long run? Or do you want to test content marketing for organic reach? Your business goal should always be considered when planning your marketing strategies, whether online or offline. 

STEP 3: Get into the platform


You have to test the waters for the chosen social media platform or digital tools you will use for your online marketing strategy. Once you set up your social networking accounts and tools and learn how to use them, you'll have a better idea of utilizing them for your business, whether Facebook or TikTok.

Don't just be on the social media platform because it's popular but be intentional and strategic on where you will be active in marketing and engaging your audience.

STEP 4: Learn the best practices


If there is one thing that you have to know about the online world is it's ever-changing, and best practices are not always the same. You have to know the basics and the latest trends from social media to content management systems. In addition, you have to constantly learn digital marketing and the intricacies of the internet. 

It can be overwhelming at first studying the web, keeping up to date with each social network platform, and learning how to align it to your marketing strategy. However, it'll be rewarding once you see you're reaching your audience. You're slowly but surely getting known by prospects in the nail industry.

STEP 5: Trial and error


When it comes to creating an online marketing strategy, there's no such thing as a fool-proof or cookie-cutter strategy that can target all of your business goals. Instead, it's a matter of trial and error to know what's working for your brand.

In the process, you'll learn firsthand and get to know how you can leverage your brand to the next level. The highs and lows of your nail business and the ever-evolving world of the digital world can teach you a lot about how to handle your business in the long run.


Top 8 online marketing strategies:

1. Search Engine Marketing


Search engine marketing is important nowadays since it will help your nail business be visible on search engines like Google or Youtube.

However, search engine marketing requires you to utilize Search engine optimization (SEO) and learn the best practices from internal linking to keyword research. If you're digitally savvy, then you probably heard of this term. If not, don't worry; there are plenty of free courses on SEO.

2. Social Media Marketing


We use social media every day in our daily lives. You can also use social media marketing to promote your nail business by creating an official Facebook page.

Your clients can also contact you on your social media pages to book an appointment. With social media marketing, you can utilize content marketing, share valuable content for your prospects, and market your services. 

3. Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate marketing is most known as referrals or sponsorships that we see from influencers to celebrities. For example, you can do affiliate marketing for a nail company to promote their products as their brand ambassadors.

You are also sharing value with your customers by offering them high-quality products to use from your prospects who love to do diy-press on nails to fellow nail techs. If you have a blog or video content that features nail art and other nail products, you can also incorporate affiliate marketing.

4. Email Marketing


If you love writing and doing graphic design for email templates, then you'll enjoy doing email marketing to your prospects. But, did you know that 87 percent of marketers use email marketing since it's one of the most effective mediums to reach your audience, about 40 times more effective than social media?

5. Content Marketing


Content marketing is 96 percent effective for brands, and you can enhance your nail brand. Most brands use content marketing to promote their business and share educational and valuable content for their audience. Content marketing relates to any form of content from articles to podcasts to inform and engage their audience to raise brand awareness.

6. Mobile Marketing


Another marketing strategy that you should consider is mobile marketing since most people use different technologies or devices to connect on the internet or the web. Mobile marketing is a digital marketing strategy that targets devices such as mobile apps, websites, and more. 

7. Pay-Per-Click Marketing


Digital marketing is vast and has a lot of varieties. For example, you can consider doing Pay-Per-Click or (PPC) in which advertisers pay a publisher every time an advertisement gets clicked on.

You can also consider doing PPC for your nail business. It's also similar to affiliate marketing but in the form of online ads being clicked by your prospect. When your ads are being clicked by your prospects, you gain visibility and brand awareness too.

8. Local Search Marketing


Local search marketing, which is also local SEO, will help your nail business be visible to customers in a specific location near yours. In short, you're attracting prospects near the area of your business. Your business will show on the search engines when a specific location was searched that is related to nails.



Marketing can be adventurous and fun for your nail business, but sometimes it can be daunting. Know that you're not alone, and you can ask for marketing devices or anything related to running a business in our iGel Beauty Facebook community. We have a network of supportive and hardworking nail professionals who would love to help you out. Join us!