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Nail Salon Equipment 101


When starting a nail salon, you should also think about the equipment. To be a nail technician, you need the correct nail instruments, just like you would need a weapon in battle. Opening a nail salon is one of the most exciting phases in your life, and it's best if you are equipped with the right tools and knowledge in the process. You can read our in-depth guide about opening a nail salon.

One of the best things about opening a nail salon is you'll have the chance to show off your nail art prowess to the world when you open your first nail salon. Keeping yourself well-equipped with salon-grade tools and equipment can help the procedure run as smoothly as possible.

A nail salon is more than just a place to get your nails done; it's also where to get your fingernails and cuticles checked out for damage. So stock up on the necessities from the ultimate nail salon equipment checklist before you open your doors for business.

There are no guarantees about the number of nail products to be used in a day, so keeping shelves well-stocked serves as a safety net in case of sudden scarcity. Buying in bulk might also save you money.

The amount of merchandise you have is determined by the size and location of your salon. This blog is for aspiring nail salon owners who want to know what supplies they'll need to get their business off the ground.

Furnishings you will need for your nail salon:


  • Pedicure Chairs

Padded recliners are your best friend since they'll help your clients relax and sit comfortably for a long time during a nail session. Remember, your selling motto should be along the lines of Treat Yourself. However, if you're on a tight budget, we suggest buying nice chairs and adding cute throw pillows.

  • Equipment Sanitizers

A nail salon should have equipment sanitizers to sterilize nail tools as often as possible because it's a priority nowadays. Some clients want their nail techs to sanitize their instruments on the spot so that they can see them being cleaned properly as a sign of assurance. You can place them into a sanitizer that uses UV rays or heat. If you have got extra cash, you could opt to purchase an autoclave for guaranteed sanitation. 

  • Receiving Window/Desk

 A professional nail salon wouldn't be complete without a receiving area, and you'll be needing a desk that ties the room together. Remember that first impression is the last thing, and you want your clients to feel at home the moment they walk in. 


  • Aesthetics

Your nail salon should speak volumes on what your branding is as a business. The aesthetic and visual appeal should be present the moment your client walks in. If you're familiar with color psychology, then you should consider it when you're deciding on the exterior and interior design of your nail salon and when buying furniture and nail equipment.

Color is so much more than the four corners of your salon. It's the whole package! From the chairs to the organization of your displays.

You could take color cards and choose a design! (e.g., mix neutrals such as white and beige with elegant pastels.)

  • Size of your nail salon

You have to consider the size of your salon when buying furniture or nail salon equipment. Is it small and cozy or large and grand? Remember, salon time is a luxury. Most customers will come to unwind and beautify themselves, and you have to make sure it's spacious enough to accommodate your customers, and there's room for ventilation as well.

  • Scent 

Okay, so maybe your salon does not have to smell pastry fresh unless you have a side snack bar. However, you could use some essential oils to liven up the sense of smell of your nail salon. (e.g. lemon, sakura, peppermint, frangipani)

  • Music

Depending on your overall aesthetic, you could play around with soothing sounds like the rainforest, soulful beats, or create a playlist personally tailored for your salon!

Nail equipment you will need for your nail salon:

  • Nail Lamps


Nail lamps are a must for your nail salon for curing or drying your acrylic or gel nail art instantly. We have a roundup on our best nail lamps you should check out.


  • Hand Buffers


Hand Buffers are another tool you will need if you’re not using a nail drill. Buffing is crucial for every nail service and it would be impossible for you not to have a hand buffer among your tools.


  • Base Coats


You want to cater to your clients and provide them with high-quality nail art that will not chip and last longer. Having a base coat among your nail tools will help you achieve that and make your clients return for more.


  • Top Coats

  • Original Gel Top Coat - This needs to be cured and then wiped with alcohol after its final curing.
  • No Cleanse Gel Top Coat -This must be cured, but no wiping (cleansing) is necessary.
  • iGel Matte Top Coat - This needs to be cured and does not require cleansing. However, we do recommend using the No Cleanse Top Coat before the iGel Matte Top Coat.


  • Nail Tips


Nail extensions are all the rage nowadays and you will need nail tips to cater to your customers. Your nail salon should be well-equipped with exceptional and long-lasting nail tips. 


Other important nail devices you should have:

  • E-files


Of course, you could substitute these with regular hand buffers. However, if you're pressed for time, you have to use an e-file. You can read our blog about e-files or nail drills.


  • Airbrushes


Airbrushes are another tool that you should have in your nail salon if you have a nail client looking for a luxurious modern-day ombrè design then you could use an easy spray tool.


  • Lacquer & Gel Polishes


Lacquer and Gel Polishes should also be in your nail polish collection to ride the waves of any nail trends.


  • Acrylic & Dip Powders


Acrylic nail art is trendy right now, so you'll need dipping powders and other nail products to do the job. If you need a whole set? We recommend choosing from our professional collections.


  • Swatches


Swatches are great when picking out colors to buy for the salon and providing customers a palette option while waiting.


It takes a village to build your dream nail salon, which is why you need to have the right nail equipment and people on your team. Our iGel Beauty Facebook community can give you advice and insights on the best nail tools you should have in your newly opened salon.