12 Best Wedding Guest Nails For Every Theme In 2024

12 Best Wedding Guest Nails For Every Theme In 2024

June is known to be a popular month for weddings because it's named after “Juno”, the Roman goddess of marriage and childbirth. We bet you’re here because you’ve been invited to multiple weddings this year! As wedding guests, the least we can do is follow the wedding theme. Show your support for the newlyweds by bringing out your best look (without outshining the bride, of course!). Whether the theme is minimalist or rustic, we have all the inspos laid out for you. Don’t get stuck in the nail department and let the best wedding guest nail designs help you with every theme!



1. Classic


Classic Wedding Nails, Glazed Nails, Hailey Bieber, TikTok Nails

When the invitation says “traditional”, typically it means a classic wedding theme. This wedding theme focuses primarily on formality and elegance. iGel Beauty kelceedoesnails followed the glazed nail trend with our fair-medium nude powder, Dip & Dap Powder - DD170 Nude Bar, and it created the most timeless wedding nails ever.



2. Tropical


Tropical Wedding Nails, Green and Pink Nails, Aloha Nails

Green, white, and pink are all the colors you need to pull off a tropical wedding guest nail look. iGel Beauty blackwidowfiles created a structured builder gel manicure with hand-painted nail art, gems, and gold beads. To get the same pure white color she used, grab our best-selling Dip & Dap Duo - DD001 Baby Powder. 



3. Preppy 


Preppy Wedding Nails, Purple Nails, Floral Design

When we think about preppy, Lily Pulitzer, vineyard vines, and Kate Spade cross our minds. If your bride friend adores such brands, prepare yourself for this bold theme. iGel Beauty made a cute, playful set using the pink-white shade of Dip & Dap Powder - DD009 Ballerina Gown and bright blue-purple color of Dip & Dap Powder - DD116 Snapdragon.



4. Minimalist


Minimalist Wedding Nails, White Nails, Simple Flower Design

Indeed, less is more with this modern wedding theme. Some couples choose the minimalist route for an understated yet luxurious feel for their wedding. Just like this set from iGel Beauty Alma Castro, you’re sure to achieve seamless pink-white and fair nude nails with Dip & Dap Powder - DD009 Ballerina Gown and Dip & Dap Powder - DD167 Angel Face.



5. Rustic


Rustic Wedding Nails, Orange Nails, Brown Nails, Short Nails

Farm-to-table dinners, field or garden ceremonies, and barn and mountain lodge receptions are the most common elements of a rustic wedding. Embrace the warmth of this wedding theme with nails similar to iGel Beauty Sandra Travers-Marshall’s! To recreate this look, check out the brown and orange shades of Dip & Dap Duo - DD096 Choco Pie, iGel Match - 134 Brown Fig, and LB Supernova 10D Cat Eye - SCE13 Canopus.



6. Celestial


Celestial Wedding Nails, Astrology Nails, White and Gold Nails

Weddings can make the couple feel over the moon and put them in a celestial mood. From the name itself, a celestial wedding theme is full of astronomical, ethereal, and starry decor. This wonderful set from iGel Beauty Charlotte Anne used the crowd favorite iGel Dual - Gel Base Coat + No Cleanse Top Coat and the gel colors from Dip & Dap Duo - DD164 Winter White (soft white) and Dip & Dap Duo - DD173 I'm Blushing (peach nude).



7. Desert


Desert Wedding Nails, Cactus Nails, Sunny Nails, Mexican Nails

A Desert-themed wedding could either go full-on nude (like Dune) or Mexican. Whichever it may be, you can add a pop of color to your nude outfit with this set from iGel Beauty Paint some funky nail art using Dip & Dap Duo - DD020 Powdered Blush (light pink), Dip & Dap Duo - DD318 I'm Turtley Awesome (camo green), Dip & Dap Duo - DD225 We Bee-Long Together (medium honey yellow), and Dip & Dap Duo - DD181 Lovely Lavender (lavender blue).



8. Regency


Regency Wedding Nails, Regal Nails, Pearl Nails, French Nails, Bridgerton Nails,

A regal wedding theme is perfect for that Bridgerton vibe. This theme calls for an opulent and elaborate wedding outfit, so it’s better to balance your look with simple yet lush-looking nails. iGel Beauty themanicuredmusician created a stunning French manicure using iGel Match - 026 St. Martin and added some classic pearl details.



9. Romantic


Romantic Wedding Nails, Black and Red Aura Nails, Almond Nails

Candle-lit reception exudes an intimate feeling and is ideal for a Romantic wedding setup. Make your nails radiate deep love for the couple with red-on-black aura nails inspired by this set from iGel Beauty katthekreator. To get the deepest shade of black, use the same iGel Match - 002 Jet Black.



10. Cottagecore


Cottagecore Wedding Nails, Countryside Chic Nails, Nature and Flowers

The Cottagecore or countryside-chic aesthetic has been so popular these days that even couples have started to consider it as their wedding theme. This adorable nail set from iGel Beauty 3cloudsnailstudio is what you need to show your dainty and flower-lover side. Don’t forget to recreate this look with the pastel green shade of Dip & Dap Duo - DD183 Honeydew and the light pink tone of Dip & Dap Duo - DD020 Powdered Blush.



11. Beach


Beach Wedding Nails, Sea Inspired Nails, Simple Nail Look For The Beach

Something blue for the seas? iGel Beauty sashaazhengg_nails has the best beach wedding guest nail design for you using the crowd-favorite Builder in a Bottle - Clear! This laid-back seaside celebration forms a relaxing and serene atmosphere for the guests, so make sure you invest in beautiful, effortless pieces to complement the overall look.



12. Bohemian


Bohemian Wedding Nails, Boho Nails, French manicure with flowers

If your bride friend is free-spirited and a nature-lover, there is a high chance she’ll choose a Bohemian/Boho wedding theme. This kind of celebration focuses on botanical elements and a calm ambiance. With the help of the fair nude with peach undertone shade of Dip & Dap Duo - DD167 Angel Face, the pure white color of Dip & Dap Duo - DD001 Baby Powder (PURE WHITE), and floral Nail Transfer Foils - 033, you’ll be able to complete this nail set by iGel Beauty LillipopNails. 


Weddings are always fun and thrilling! Besides the celebration of togetherness of your couple friends, you’ll get to enjoy the company of your friend group, try good food and drinks, and dress up for a special occasion. This once-in-a-lifetime experience should never be taken for granted. If you encounter a different theme, we’d love to hear it in our iGel Beauty Facebook Community. We’re excited to see you share your wedding guest nail ideas. Here’s to love, laughter, and a happy ever after!





Written by Alyssa Bueno

Alyssa Bueno, a true beauty enthusiast, brings her passion for writing and beauty to life as a writer for iGel Beauty. With diverse editorial background and industry expertise, Alyssa curates tutorials, tips, and trends to inspire nail lovers worldwide.