Barbiecore Aesthetic: 10 Hot Pink Nail Art Designs to Wear


Hot pink nail designs are all the rage, thanks to the Barbiecore trend reigning throughout the summer! You can play around with your nails by wearing hot pink French tip nails, hot pink nails with diamonds to hot pink and black nails, and no one can stop you! 

You can wear this gorgeous yet vibrant shade of pink to make statement-worthy nails! Be inspired by our roundup of hot pink nail ideas created by our talented iGel Beauties!

1. Mix and match hot pink acrylic nails

Here's a fun twist to the already exciting shade of hot pink. If you want to make your nails pop at a party or on Valentine's day, its ombre design and rhinestone-studded look are beautiful! Adding heart elements to this hot pink acrylic nail design is like the cherry on top! iGel Beauty, Độc Thân designed this nail art!  

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 2. Bejeweled summer hot pink nails



The jewels on this ombre hot pink acrylic nails seem subtle, but it has added an edge to this bold nail art! You can wear this bombshell anywhere you like! iGel Beauty, @nailsbyhami designed this nail set!


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3.  Minimalist hot pink acrylic nails

If you want to let the hot pink color take the spotlight, adding a few jewels and some shimmer won't hurt your nail art! It's easy to add some jazz to your nails without going all over the top. iGel Beauty, @royaltynails designed this nail art!


4. Blazing yellow and hot pink nails


Let your nails soar with an ombre yellow nail art design and a hot pink shade! With its sharp stiletto nail shape, your nails will undoubtedly be fiercer and bolder. iGel Beauty,@bellanails805 designed this nail art.

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5. Funfetti- hot pink nails

Of all the hot pink nail ideas you'll find online, you should try this gorgeous nail art! It has a party vibe you'll love to wear for any occasion! iGel Beauty, @nailsbyhami designed this hot pink nail design!


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6. Candyland-inspired hot pink acrylic nails

You’re in for a sweet ride if you decide to recreate these hot pink acrylic nails! Its ultra-feminine vibe and cute teddy bear and candy designs will lift your spirits if you’re having a bad day! iGel Beauty, @tippedbaby designed this nail art!


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7.  Cow print-inspired hot pink acrylic nails


These hot pink acrylic nails will mooove you since it's a unique take on classic acrylic nails. It's fun and will add some edge to the usual baby pink nails with the hot pink cow print! iGel Beauty, Tristan Shane Cannon designed this nail design!

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8.  Barbie butterfly-inspired hot pink nails

Have you been binge-watching Barbie movies on Netflix? Does this nail set remind you of Barbie Mariposa? Butterfly lovers will love this intensely Barbiecore-inspired nail set! iGel Beauty, @nailsby_gwennie designed this nail art!

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9. Princess Aurora-inspired hot pink nails

Fairytale-inspired hot pink nails? Yes, please! Here’s a Princess Aurora nail that will make you swoon with its hot pink nails and princesscore and Barbiecorevibes! iGel Beauty, @royaltynails designed this nail art!

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10. Valentine-inspired hot pink acrylic nails

Valentine's day doesn't have to be confined to one day! You can celebrate love day anytime and anywhere with your nails! This sweet and spicy valentines day nail design has all the key ingredients to a full-on glam nail set. iGel Beauty, @bellanails805 designed this nail art!


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How can you resist not hopping on the Barbiecore trend and not taking advantage of sporting hot pink nail designs? If you’re looking for other hot pink nail ideas to inspire you, join our iGel Beauty online community. See you there!