Best Holiday Films to Watch for Beauty Lovers


Holiday films make the season so much better; watching them has allowed families and friends to bond with each other. As a nail tech, you might want to take a break from all of the hustling and enjoy the holidays.

You can do that by cuddling with your loved ones while sipping a cup of hot chocolate or any beverage of your choice, then watch classic or recent holiday films. Here's our roundup of holiday films that are perfect for nail enthusiasts or beauty lovers like you!


1. Princess Switch


If you're craving for a royalty film with a dash of romance and comedy, then you should watch the movie Princess Switch, inspired by the novel of Mark Twain called The Prince and the Pauper

The best thing is you can binge-watch it since it's a trilogy, the third installment just came out last November 18, and you'll immerse yourself in the world of fashion and royal mayhem.

Vanessa Hudgens plays the main character, and if you're familiar with her, she loves nail art! You can check her Instagram account and get countless fabulous nails inspiration. The story revolves around two women who look identical to each other. 

 2. Home Alone


Are you feeling nostalgic for the 90's beauty and fashion trends? Then you should watch this classic American holiday film. Home Alone is a movie staple during the holidays. Who can resist this film with the comedic yet adorable portrayal of (Macaulay Culkin) Kevin McCalister and his goofy yet chaotic family? 

You'll enjoy the 90's aesthetic and the warm, fuzzy vibe of the season while laughing out loud. The film revolves around a young boy named Kevin who was accidentally left by his family when they were traveling to Paris for the holidays. You'll enjoy the mishaps and adventures Kevin will have along the way.


3. Little Women (2019)


Little Women is a well-beloved family film adaptation of the novel with the same name, which American author Louisa May Alcott wrote. The film's plot is about four sisters and their lives after the civil war. You'll love the historical setting and fashion sense since this movie won an Academy Award for best in costume!

Beauty lovers will appreciate the film's modern take and female-empowering dialogues from the characters since Greta Gerwig directed the modern adaptation of the classic Little Women novel. Your family or friends will enjoy watching this heartwarming film, so add this movie to your holiday bucket list!


4. The Nutcracker and the Four Realms


Holidays are perfect for watching fantasy and whimsical films, another film inspired by the story The Nutcracker and the Mouse King.

The Nutcracker and the Four Realms should be on your list since you'll enjoy the adventures of a young girl who received a locked egg from her mother after her death; she must enter a magical land to get the key. You'll love the colorful costumes and aesthetics of the film; you'll surely get some inspiration for your next nail set.

 5. Frozen


You don't have to be a Disney movie lover to know this animated film. You can watch Frozen with your loved ones, sing along, laugh and cry with royalty sisters Elsa and Anna of Arandelle. Since it's a duology, you can watch more of the film; another thing the fairytale, Snow Queen, inspires it. 

You can incorporate the snowflakes details, winter-like aesthetic of the movie into your next nail art or if you're feeling creative, add a line art inspired by the main characters themselves. After watching this movie, you'll feel unable to let all that beauty go to waste.



Take inspiration no matter where you go, even the movies you'll binge-watch over the holidays if you need a boost of nail inspiration. You can always join our iGel Beauty Facebook community to gather more nail art for your next mani session.