How Did the 60% Sales Help iGel Beauties?


The world may have gone dark when the pandemic happened, but it shed light on many things, such as the importance of being in a community, showing kindness to one another, starting a new hobby, and bonding with your family. The nail industry is more than just cool-looking nails. You'll be surprised at how being a nail tech can be multifaceted and can go skin-deep.

iGel Beauty, among other beauty brands, has been proactive in helping nail techs in all walks of life by having a 60% sale on all of its nail products. We've compiled our top inspiring stories from iGel Beauties that will tug the strings of your heart. So grab your tissues as you read.

LisaMarie Santos


Starting over again seems daunting when you have nothing left. In 2019,  LisaMarie had to close her nail studio and sell all of her nail products.She went through a devastating divorce a year later, and with no money in her pocket, she had to pick herself up by going back to her true love, and it's being in the nail industry. This was one iGel Beauty's stories of perseverance, read her story.

“I had nothing, no product, zero, zilch, nada. A friend offered to lend me some money to purchase the essentials to get started, where the 60% comes in. I've been so thankful for iGel 60% off. It gave me the opportunity to get the imperative products, even to do just a basic set. It allowed me to build up my Lil arsenal of products. When you have absolutely nothing, you need everything in order to just begin. So iGel, consider this post as being a huge hug from me to you for being so generous to us all. You have literally changed my life. I'm now able to not only create beautiful nails but also earn a living for myself again.”

Alexis Pogue


Alexis was juggling her studies and part-time job when the pandemic hit. It was a challenging time, but she pushed through, and after finishing her college semester, she started to do her nails which led her to start her own nail career. Read her story.

“After seeing an ad for iGel Beauty 60% off sale, I decided it was my sign to start! My first nail haul was from iGel Beauty. It wasn't huge, but it got me hooked! How could I resist the prices? I got a little better throughout the summer and decided to go to school while also continuing my part-time job. I had to show all of my nail classmates my small nail collection of nothing but iGel Beauty! This excited them, and because of this, we took trips to a local nail store on our lunch break just to buy iGel Beauty!

In September 2020, I took my first client. I was so nervous, but it went great! I kept practicing, and my collection continued to grow. Then the next thing. I knew I was graduating from nail school and taking the state board test. I passed on the first try! I'm now a licensed nail tech full-time, working in my family's hair salon!

Without iGelbeauty's amazing prices, I don't think I would've ever started doing my own nails. I'm working towards being a bigger and better nail tech, but I'll never forget where I started! Thanks, iGel Beauty! I'm super thankful to have discovered this brand. I don't know where'd I'd be if I hadn't come across that ad!”

Stephanie McPhillips


Stephanie was courageous enough to open a nail salon and go beyond her comfort zone. She was not afraid to make a difference and be innovative, and that's the kind of energy we want to foster in our community. Read her story.

“I took the biggest leap of my life with iGel Beauty - I opened a salon in February, despite the crazy year we've had! I ordered a couple of gel polishes from different brands to decide what brand to go with, as I wanted a complete line in my salon, and iGel Beauty was by far my favorite for a few reasons. The consistency is perfect, the pigmentation is amazing, and, of course, the cost. Look how pretty they are up there . The 60% off sale helped me stock my salon with a huge range of colors, and helped me keep myself and my clients happy. I'm so grateful!” 

J'nai Perez


Life can be challenging, and how we cope helps us make sense of our reality. For J'nai doing her nails is one of the colorful things that makes life less mundane and easier. There’s always room for creativity, new beginnings, and enjoyment since life is a rollercoaster ride. This is her iGel story.

“Silly as it may seem, getting my nails done was the one thing that I could do for myself to make me happy. But thanks to Miss Rona, I no longer had that, nor did I have any idea of when I would get it back.  

So my mind was blown when I found iGel Beauty; professional grade products at a price that didn't leave me and my wallet crying. Fast forward to now. I've built up a more than respectable collection of professional grade supplies and products, I've saved so much money doing my own nails how and when I want, and most importantly, I've started my own little press on business. It started out with me taking commissions on a word of mouth basis, but it's at the point now where I will be expanding to sell on Etsy within a month. I've just recently left my job to focus on getting my license and prepping for my press on shop launch.   

For the first time, I feel like I finally have a purpose. Working 12 years in retail can wear anyone down, so the fact that I feel like I have this new lease on life is awe-inspiring and humbling. I'm 30 years old now. Not old by any stretch of the imagination, but old compared to how young the majority of my peers in the nail industry are when they get started.

I'm scared and nervous but excited for this new chapter in my life. And none of this would've been possible without iGel Beauty and their 60% off sale. Without them, I would never have been able to afford the supplies I needed to find my path in life eventually. So thank you, iGel, for not only this sale but for giving me the means to find and pursue my newfound passion.”

Kalisa King


If you're a parent, you know sacrifices often need to be made for your children. This doesn't mean that you have to compromise your dreams of self-care all the time. Kalisa shows us how we can balance being a full-time parent and an entrepreneur. Read her story.

“I started making my press-ons to save money. I was sending my oldest daughter off to college, and my youngest needed braces at the same damn time. I needed a way to cut costs and found iGel. The brand allowed me to save money in more ways than one. I was able to save money, by doing my nails, later expanding into a small business, making press- ons for tons of other women. iGel has also taught me how to be clever with explaining all of the packages away "The whole site was BOGO!!" so, not only am I saving money, I have great, quality products, and have become an amazing actress!”

Christel Brown-Cox


It's never too late to pursue your dreams regardless of your age. Sometimes setbacks happen to pave the way for new opportunities. Christel worked as a managing supervisor for 14 years for a major grocery chain until she had suffered two heart attacks. It didn't stop her from pursuing her dream of doing nails and learning something new. Read her story.

“After working for 14 years for a major grocery chain as a managing supervisor, I was forced into early retirement, having two heart attacks. January 2020, I was told I could no longer do my job, which became a blessing in disguise. Ever since high school, I had wanted to do nails but never pursued it. I started looking into doing my nails at home when the pandemic hit. In June, I came across the world of dip powder.

 I tried a couple of companies and finally was introduced to iGel Beauty, and let's just say my world has completely changed. This 60% off sale made it easy and affordable for me to explore a long-life dream into the nail world. The helpful tutorials and videos have taught me so much. I am now an inspiring self-taught nail enthusiast. I can't afford nail school yet, but I believe I will get there. At the ripe age of 50, I know anything is possible.”

Heather Foster


Heather has been a do-it-yourself beauty enthusiast since middle school. She would often look for affordable and high-quality nail products until a friend of hers recommended iGel Beauty to her. Read her story.

“Enter the 60% off sale-madness-save-athon! I knew I was going to need to add to my collection with these savings! I had made a few small orders before it all started, and while I loved the products so much, I noticed the website representation of the colors wasn't always the best. (Old pictures,the website is so much better now) I was so tired of searching through Google image search, iGels Facebook page, and Facebook search feature to try to find as many pictures of a color I was considering to see what the ACTUAL application looked like and if it was the right color I wanted at the time. Being in several other dip nail Facebook groups, I noticed I wasn't the only one having that issue. 

iGel helped me grow a personal collection of powder colors and gels so I can have meaningful girl time with my friends. Being a mom of 6 and a social butterfly, that connection to my friends is really important to me. And it is amazing for them as well, most being SAHM as well. They get the same connection from girl time but they also get to feel pampered and pretty. And it made me feel good to give them that treat. Thank you iGel Beauty for helping me have this meaningful time with my friends and helping us feel pampered and beautiful while we drudge through the "Trenches of Motherhood".

Nia Naildt


Being around kids all the time is not an easy feat! Doing nails can make you have a worthwhile hobby. For Nia, her transition from being a preschool teacher to a freelancing nail tech has been empowering. Read her story.

“IGel gave me the boost I didn't know I needed! I have always loved nails but being a preschool teacher and a single mom I started to do my own nails wayyy back when to save money. But over time I got really good so I started to do my sisters' nails and the crowd went WILD so I listened but didn't do nails yet cause I was still teaching. Then COVID came and put life at a standstill. 

One day I came across the IGel Instagram page and BOOM made my 1st purchase being that I had little funds the sale grabbed me but when I got the products in hand I was IN I knew I wasn't going back to teaching because they had no "real" plan to keep us workers safe and I wasn't playing with COVID(my brother and dad got it) so I started taking in people I knew as clients. The sale helped me get all I needed to get settled! My mom even bought some for me to help me push my dream out! Fast forward to today I am now about to open my own nail suite and I just bought the gel polish collection and I'm sooooo HAPPY I get to finally be my OWN BOSS”

Judi Lynn


Love and passion shouldn't be far apart from each other. For Judi Lynn, her journey to finding love and personal development is a story that must be heard! Read her story.

“In 2018 I weighed in at 268 pounds. I could barely move without getting out of breath. I was with a boyfriend who wasn’t treating me with respect. I was miserable. I was unhappy. I began looking into weight loss surgery. Then in the summer of 2019 I kicked my boyfriend out and lost 44 pounds on my own. Then in December of 2019 I finally had my surgery. 

Things were looking up. Last year covid happened. I worked through all of that. Found full time employment and met the love of my life in November. Followed him to Iowa in April (we came from PA)  and we have been together ever since. I joined iGel in May of this year and finally placed my first order a short time ago. 

I used to be a nail salon owner in 2019 but I closed it down due to lack of business. I am looking forward to learning the press- on business. Being involved in the iGel community has given me a sense of belonging. What a wonderful group of people you all are! I absolutely love it here. From the support of the admin to the encouragement of the members, I feel like I am surrounded by family. For those who are curious, as of today, I weigh 128 pounds for a total weight loss of 140 pounds.”


Do you feel inspired after reading the stories of iGel Beauties? Its refreshing to be a part of a community that cares and empowers you in your nail journey. iGel Beauty as a brand continues to advocate it’s values and goal in fostering a positive environment where everyone can help one another.

We’re glad that our products are impacting lives for the better, we’re grateful for the never ending support of our iGel Beauties, if you’re new here, be a part of the iGel Beauty Army and let us get to know your story!