How to Get Your Undertone


We all want to express ourselves with our beauty and fashion choices. However, the main question is, how can you choose a nail color that flatters your skin tone? Also, how can you strike a balance in trying a nail trend and not looking washed out?

The answer is by knowing your undertone. A bonafide beauty lover knows the importance of knowing your undertone to choose the right shade of makeup products for your skin. The same thing goes for nail colors.

You want your nail design to stand out, emphasizing a glow on your skin from the nail color you've chosen. Knowing skin undertones is vital for learning nail designs to understand what hues will work well for your client or yours.


What is an undertone?

All types of skin tones are beautiful, and our skin is rich in undertones. Warm, cold, and neutral are the classic undertones. Different skin types have different undertones, and yours may be light, medium, or dark.


There are five ways to determine your skin's undertone: 

1. Vein Check

You can check the veins on your wrist to find out what color your veins are. If you have green or bluish veins, then you have a neutral undertone. While for blue or purple veins, it means that you have a cool undertone. If you have green or olive green veins, then you have a warm undertone.

2. White clothing or paper test

Wear any white clothing or get a piece of white paper and hold the object in front of your face in bright, natural light. A clear indicator that you're warm-toned is that you prefer off-whites or creamy colors and stark whites. You may have a neutral undertone if you look well in both hues.

If you have a yellow complexion, you have a warm undertone. You're cool-toned if your skin seems pink or rosy when compared to the rest of your body. 

3. Look at your facial features

In general, darker skin tones and darker eye colors have warmer undertones, while paler skin and light eyes tend to be neutral or cold in an undertone.

4. See how your skin reacts to the sun

Who doesn't like basking in the sun? But, did you know, the amount of time you spend in the sun may tell you a lot about your skin's undertone? For example, if your skin is burning quickly, it indicates that you have a cold undertone.

5. Try wearing a jewelry

Compare your skin's undertone to the color of gold or silver jewelry to determine your skin tone. The warmer your skin tone, the more attractive gold jewelry is, whereas the cooler your undertone, the more flattering silver jewelry is.

A person who doesn't distinguish between gold and silver has neutral undertones regardless of the metal. Sometimes, it all boils down to accessory preference.


Four types of undertone:

1. Warm

You're a golden goddess if you have a warm undertone. 

• Vein Color: Green

• Undertone: Gold, Yellow, Orange, Peachy.


Here are the iGel beauty products that will suit your undertone:

2. Cold

Cold undertone beauties would suit well in pastel shades since they have a rosy glow that screams Ciao, Bella!

  • Vein Color: Blue, Purple
  • Undertone: Pink, Red, Blue. 

Here are the iGel beauty products that will suit your undertone:


 3. Neutral

  • Vein Color: Blue and Green

Having a neutral undertone is great! You can wear almost everything. However, colors that are too strong may drain your complexion. 

Here are the iGel beauty products that will suit your undertone:

4. Olive

 If you're having a hard time determining if your tone is warm or neutral, and you see hints of green, you may be olive!

Olive is a little tricky. Olive-skinned people may either be a cool-olive or warm olive. Many speculate that it occurs if your overlay differs from your undertone. For example, warm and cool underlay. Since olive undertone varies, keep in mind what matches a pale cool-olive could range from a medium warm-olive. However, we did find colors that are fool-proof. When all else fails, try to determine your shade.

Here are the iGel beauty products that will suit your undertone:


Things to remember about knowing your undertone:

Before learning about undertones, keep in mind that color perception is a highly personal experience. You may experiment with different hair and cosmetics colors, as well as different nail polish shades and then combine them. There's nothing wrong with being experimental, since you'll learn to know your preference, but knowing your undertone will help you have a flattering nail shade. 

Just because you have a specific undertone doesn't imply your color choices are limited. Your choice of color expresses who you are as a person. If your personality lends itself to bold and brilliant colors, go for it; if not, go with muted sober hues for a more refined appearance. You may also experiment by combining the two.

Be aware that your undertone isn't the same as the hue of your skin without foundation or any other cosmetics. Even people with fair complexion can have warm undertones, and those with darker skin might have cool undertones, depending on their ethnicity.


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