These Nail Industry Podcasts Are Perfect for Aspiring Nail Techs


Listening to podcasts is one of the fun yet effective ways to learn about the nail industry. You'll be hearing real-life accounts of nail techs already hustling in the field.

Suppose you're still a student who is eager to learn everything about nails. In that case, this is where podcasts come in since each episode tackles different topics about nails. So here's our roundup on the best nail tech podcasts you should listen to anytime and anywhere.

The Beauty Edit Podcast

Are you up for listening to a mother-daughter duo podcast? The Beauty Edit podcast was created by award-winning beauty salon owners Amanda and Shelby. You'll be enjoying a wide range of beauty-related topics from nails to hair if you want to unwind after a long day at work. You can listen to them interview influencers and nail industry experts along with their experiences.

Confessions of a nail tech 

Confessions of a nail tech by Rasheedah H. Muhammad, also known as Rah, is the podcast host you should tune to! She'll enlighten you on all things related to nails and the beauty industry. Together with guests, she'll be digging deeper into the business side of being a nail salon owner and nail tech.

The Nail Room 

If you need a pick-me-up kind of podcast where it feels like talking to a friend, then Sarah Burchett will help you catch up on nail trends, and run through nail tech struggles and make you feel less alone. We highly recommend you to listen to The Nail Room.

Nail Tech Entrepreneur

The nail industry can be challenging, and you need someone who can be a cheerleader and your coach when it comes to doing nails. If you want to learn more about being an effective nail entrepreneur, you can learn valuable lessons from Andrea Pettingill with the Nail Tech Entrepreneur.

Tech Talk: A Podcast For Nail Techs

The podcast by Patrice is all jam-packed with positive vibes, practical advice, and all-around nail conversations that you'll undeniably get hooked on! 

Tech Talk: A Podcast For Nail Techs is the podcast for anyone willing to learn about the nail industry through meaningful conversations.

We won't blame you if nail tech podcasts are your new guilty pleasure. By all means, we encourage you to keep on finding new ways to learn everything about nails. We highly suggest you join our iGel Beauty Facebook community to be a part of our community, eager to discover new things about nails.