What To Wear To Coachella 2024 Based On TikTok

What To Wear To Coachella Based On TikTok, Coachella 2024 Outfit Ideas

Who’s excited for a week of music and fashion celebration? Coachella, a long-running music and arts festival, happens April 12-14 and 19-21 at the Empire Polo Club, Indio, California. As you watch the incredible performances, don’t forget to seize the day by slaying the fashion game with these latest style predictions straight from TikTok! We all know that TikTok is always buzzing with creative fashion ideas for minor to major events like Coachella 2024. From boho chic to romantic edgy, these TikTok creators have got you covered with all the hottest trends for the ultimate music festival experience! 

1. Desert Goddess 

TikTok creator @alishamarie has been thinking about Coachella outfits for so long that she decided to make her own fashion predictions! She starts with the “Gladiator Desert Goddess” trend (thanks to the movie, Dune) and the “Princess of Another World” style inspired by the new KUWTK (Kardashians) intro, which can both be your options during Doja Cat’s night. The next trend she speaks about is in honor of Ms. Lana Del Rey, one of the headliners of this year’s festival. She shares that while there may be a few who will choose flower crowns (with Lana being the flower crown queen), she feels that bows have started to replace the flower crowns as her major hair accessory. She just knows that bows will literally be everywhere.

Coachella outfit ideas from tiktok creator alishamarie that are inspired by the desert, dune, kardashians, and lana del rey.

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LB Powder- LB040 Nantucket Dune (Silver/Grey (Off White Tan)
iGel Match - 066 Gold (Shimmer Gold)
Dip & Dap Duo - DD310 Summer Escape (Dark Pink Raspberry)
LB Powder - LB011 Think Pink (Light Pink)

2. Coachella Roots

“Going back to the roots of Coachella” is TikTok creator @ayyylissa’s take for this year. She initially thought of a white long tunic paired with boots, a bunch of jewelry, and a chunky brown belt. This flowy style is indeed perfect for this desert-themed festival! Moreover, she sees the potential of sports jerseys. It has been a big trend, and it sure is comfortable! Anyone can dress it up with pants and chunky pieces of jewelry, and channel an effortlessly cool vibe. She is also in love with the combination of sheer green ponchos and gold accessories. For this year’s festival, she thinks bangles are going to be so in, especially when layered up and down your arm or wrist. Aren’t they a great way to spice up your outfit?

Coachella outfit ideas from tiktok creator ayyylissa that are inspired by the coachella roots, sport jerseys, desert, bangles, and chunky jewelry

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LB Duo - LB001 Chalk White (Pure White)
Dip & Dap Powder - DD316 All At Sea (Sea Blue)
Rosé Duo - R164 Secret Royals (Dark Green with Green and Gold Glitter)
Dip & Dap Powder - DD147 Illuminator (Silver with Small Holographic Glitter)

3. Coachella and Stagecoach-approved 

@elli.mcgowan, a TikTok creator, has specific fashion pieces that she has chosen to form stunning ensembles. First off, she starts with a “chef’s kiss” ensemble that includes a blue metallic skirt and a coordinating mesh shoe and bag.  For a feminine look,  she recommends the 2024 trend of mixing metals and wearing a bubble dress that is undoubtedly comfortable. A little denim-on-denim moment is something that anyone can pull off and wear for Stagecoach! This can be styled with a cheetah-printed piece and a little bow-like necklace choker. She ends her style inspo video with a parachute set (top and skirt), which she thinks is cute for that Ferris Wheel picture.


Coachella outfit ideas from tiktok creator elli.mcgowan that are inspired by pinterest, mixing metals (gold and silver), denim, metallic, and Stagecoach.

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iGel Match - 141 Denim (Pastel Blue)
Dip & Dap Powder - DP02 French White (Opaque White)

4. All About Accessories 

Over-accessorizing is the biggest key to a good Coachella outfit, according to TikTok creator @kleamxo. Work your outfit around the performer that you wanna see! She believes that anyone can wear a super simple outfit that’s probably already in the closet and make it look good with just a bunch of accessories. Not just that, she shares that a good hairstyle can really make or break an outfit. She recommends doing something fun and different with your hair, such as using a lace ribbon or trying long hair extensions. The hair and makeup combo of  Hailey Bieber (long braided hair and brown eyeshadow with colored liner) is her favorite inspo for the Coachella look. 

Coachella outfit ideas from tiktok creator kleamxo that are inspired by over-accessorizing, simple coachella, good hairstyle, and Hailey Bieber coachella.

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LB Duo - LB043 New Wool (Silver/Grey (Dark Grey))
LB Powder - LB003 Mother of Pearl (Off White, Holographic)
Rosé Duo - R026 Sandy Blonde (Dark Tan with Yellow undertones)
Rosé Powder - R055 No Other Beauty (Medium Tan with Grey undertones)


5. Coquette + 2014 Tumblr Aesthetic 

Why not go for a mix of Coquette and the 2014 Tumblr aesthetic? Lana Del Rey is headlining on the night of Friday, and TikTok creator @madisonvdt likewise thinks that this is going to bring out a lot of Coquette fashion, including bows, bloomers, laces, and flower chokers. Sabrina Carpenter will also perform at the festival and we all know that she has a thing for bows! Furthermore, Madison is seeing the revival of the 2014 Tumblr aesthetic, and the style inspo that automatically comes to her mind is Kate Moss in her festival days.  If you want your outfit to scream cool girl and chill, you can never go wrong with a graphic tee paired with cowboy boots. Since it will be incredibly hot, she further suggests wearing a bathing suit with just a light lace over top. 

Coachella outfit ideas from tiktok creator madisonvdt that are inspired by Coquette fashion, bows, bloomers, laces, flower chokers, Sabrina Carpenter, 2014 Tumblr Aesthetic, Kate Moss, and cool girl vibes.

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iGel Match - 136 Silk Iris (Opaque Red)
Dip & Dap Powder - DD162 Antique Gold (Clear With Small Gold Glitters)
Dip & Dap Duo - DD112 Cherry Bomb (Bright Red)

6. 90s Fashion

For TikTok creator @sarahlangg_, the 90s style fashion is going to be everywhere, and this is largely attributed to the musical appearance of No Doubt, an American rock band from Anaheim, California with hit singles “Don’t Speak” and “Just A Girl”. Lead Vocalist Gwen Stefani, a fashion icon of the 90s, will surely inspire the festival goers to bring back cropped vintage-style baby tees, plaid skirts, string-tied bikinis, and low-waisted bottoms. She also expects to see a lot of styles with drop waist silhouettes and stunning chain belts that will emphasize the midriff area. 

For Sarah, another style that could make it to Coachella is “Bloquette”, a fashion style where you mix and match feminine and masculine pieces. She humorously explains that this is the fashion style for the goers that have that coquette feminine side that listens to Lana but also have that sporty street style side in them that listens to Tyler, The Creator. To achieve the Bloquette look, combine corsets with track shorts and pair them with nice sneakers and chunky jewelry.  

For Team Lana and Doja Cat, take note of the Y2K romantic grungy style: a super feminine outfit that edges up with a little bit of leather or a graphic tee. This outfit idea will also work with LE SSERAFIM fans, called FEARNOT, because the group embodies a Y2K-heavy fashion style. If you want to go all out, you can always try to replicate your bias or favorite idol’s style! 

Coachella outfit ideas from tiktok creator sarahlangg_ that are inspired by 90s Fashion, No Doubt, Gwen Stefani, vintage-style baby tees, plaid skirts, Bloquette, feminine and masculing, Lana Del Rey, Tyler The Creator, Doja Cat, and LE SSERAFIM coachella, FEARNOT.

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Dip & Dap Duo - DD260 Effortless (Nude/Light Brown)
iGel Match - 002 Jet Black (Opaque Black)

These Coachella 2024 fashion forecasts show us that there's a style peg for everyone. Who knows? You might start a trend of your own when you combine those different fashion styles! Share with us your outfit for this year and we’d love to help you in the nail department. 😉 Join the iGel Beauty Facebook Community and be a part of the sisterhood!