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Beginner's Guide to Airbrush


Do you know what the best thing about being a nail tech or being a nail salon owner is? It's having the latest nail art tools at your disposal for your masterpieces, from nail lamps to airbrush systems. As you know, you'll be needing the right nail tools to do tasks like nail care to gel polish

You are having trouble figuring out what to do with your new Airbrush Mini/Max? Here are some helpful hints. Airbrushing refers to applying nail art that uses a small, portable airbrush to spray paint on the nails.

When it comes to creating the Ombré effect, this is one of the quickest and simplest methods. If you don't want to waste time waiting for your nail polish to dry before adding nail art designs on top, this technique is your best option.

Even though learning a new tool can seem daunting at first, you'll see just how easy it is once you've finished this guide. When it comes to uneven or spotty color, the most common cause is an airbrush that is clogged and unable to spray evenly.


What's the difference between the Airbrush Mini and the Airbrush Max?



There are two different models of the iGel Airbrush: the one with the smaller compressor (Airbrush Mini) and the bigger one (Airbrush Max).

Pros of Airbrush Mini:

  • Convenient for travel
  • lightweight to use

Cons of Airbrush Mini:

  • Has smaller compressor
  • Short battery life due to smaller features

Pros of Airbrush Max:

  • Professional-looking
  • Built-in inkwell
  • More pressure to generate when in use
  • Longer battery life

Cons of Airbrush Max:

  • Not travel- friendly

Traveling with the mini is more convenient because of its smaller size. It all boils down to preference, but other nail techs use a bigger airbrush device with a thicker handle or a heavier grip.

With its lower weight and more pen-like feel when in use, the iGel Airbrush Max may be more difficult to transport when you're on the go. As a bonus, there's an inkwell built-in! Aesthetically, it's a more professional-looking option for nail salons to choose from. The larger it is, the more pressure it can generate and the longer its battery can survive because of this feature. Ombré effects can be achieved with either instrument, and the aesthetics are mostly a matter of personal preference.


How does the Airbrush work?

Both the Airbrush Mini and the Airbrush Max are airbrush guns with a single motion. An automatic flow of compressed air will be generated when the trigger is pressed. There's a huge compartment for controlling airflow, maximizing and decreasing the airway in the tailpiece of a handpiece. The front of the airbrush is made up of three components: a rubber ring and two metal components to protect the needle.

Note: You can watch our Youtube video tutorial on using and cleaning your Airbrush Mini here. If you want to see more product tutorials and live videos, you can join our iGel Beauty Facebook community.


Can we use regular nail polish in the Airbrush System?

Yes, you can use your nail polish in the Airbrush system. It all boils down to your preference. Just make sure not to smudge and be extra careful when spraying it on your nails since it has a more refined and smoother texture than gel. You can apply a Top Coat and cure your nails after being completely air-dried.



How to Use your Airbrush?

 First, attach the handpiece to the air compressor by twisting it into place.

The next thing that you have to do is to half-fill the cup with pure acetone.
 STEP 3:

             Add 3-4 drops of your preferred iGel Beauty Gel or Lacquer Polish.


Step 4:


A gel brush or a soft bristle paint brush should be used to properly mix the solution.

Step 5:


Perform a spot test with a little amount of spray. Spray solution through the nozzle as needed by adjusting a screw on its tail to loosen its airway and open it up. When the trigger is pressed, the air is released. The pigment is released when the trigger is pulled back. Once the desired effect is achieved, spray from left to right in layers.


How to Clean your Airbrush?

Step 1:


Add more acetone to the cup and stir well.

Step 2:


Remove any remaining color from the sides using a delicate gel brush.

Step 3:


Spray indefinitely till the container is empty. Repeat until the device or cup is clean.

Step 4:


Use an alcohol swab or a lint-free towel to clean the airbrush handpiece cup.

Step 5:


Remove the  front and back metal caps and wash the surface with a soft cloth.

Step 6:


Carefully wipe the needle and avoid bending it.



Recap and replace all components as soon as it's done.


Safety and risks to keep in mind:

  • Airbrushing allows quick and easy ways to apply the polish and lets you get creative with it. But one of the hazards posted was the heightened risk of the allergens (present in the polish) coming in contact with the skin and can be inhaled as well.
  • Airbrushes that are specifically designed for nail applications are the safest and most reliable way to use an airbrush for nails. And of course, you must take proper safety precautions when using an airbrush for nails, as you are dealing with solvents and chemicals, which can be hazardous when inhaled or applied to the skin.
  • It is crucial to ensure proper ventilation in the workspace and wear protective gear to minimize any potential health risks associated. Ultimately, the choice between traditional application and airbrushing comes down to personal preference and the desired outcome for each individual nail artist/user.
  • iGel Beauty caters to a variety of customers worldwide and we also want to provide them with the option to use an Airbrush that allows them to keep up with the trend.


The fun doesn't stop when you're doing nail art; the more nail tools, the better! You can add the airbrush system to your nail collection! You can join our iGel Beauty Facebook to learn more about iGel Beauty product tutorials and upcoming releases.