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Everything You Need To Know About Hybrid Pro 3.0

The long wait is over! iGel Beauty’s new and improved lamp, the Hybrid Pro 3.0, is here to become the ultimate game-changer in nail care. It’s been years since iGel Beauty’s last lamp release, and just like iGel Beauty Ivy Soto who’s been using her iGel Beauty lamp for years now and thinking of getting a replacement soon, we also couldn’t wait any longer to share the most innovative lamp iGel Beauty has ever made. Read on to learn everything about iGel Beauty’s new Hybrid Pro 3.0 (comes in 4 colors: Teal, Rose Gold, White, and Silver)!



What are the features of Hybrid Pro 3.0?

The innovative and acetone-resistant Hybrid Pro 3.0 Wireless Rechargeable UV/LED Lamp redefines convenience with its modern design and integrated handle, combining style and functionality. Equipped with an extraordinary 8000 mAh battery (the longest battery life of any nail lamp ever!), it offers an unmatched 4 hours of continuous use. A simple press on the button at the bottom of the lamp allows an effortless and uncomplicated battery change. If you have the same “If it doesn’t beep.. I want it!” sentiment as iGel Beauty Mai Cottrell, well, you are in for a treat! Our team proudly developed an ON/OFF beep switch, helping you achieve uninterrupted curing sessions with the Hybrid Pro 3.0.


Parts and Features of Hybrid Pro 3.0 UV/LED Lamp

iGel Beauty Christel Brown-Cox has every lamp that iGel made and she likes them all. Inspired by such feedback, we made sure to keep the signature Hybrid Pro lamp series features: strategically placed UV/LED bulbs to cure all 5 fingers, smart display with motion sensor 30s, 60s, 90s timer, smart auto-sensing Builder Gel mode for no burn curing, built-in battery indicator and fan/vents for comfort, and a removable stainless steel tray for both manicures and pedicures.



How To Use The Hybrid Pro 3.0:

1. Verify the contents of your package

Once the package has been delivered, we encourage you to double-check the inclusions for a complete and smooth initial experience. To avoid further issues, do not store or use the lamp in high-temperature environments (store between 32°F and 113°F only). Here’s your Hybrid Pro 3.0 checklist:


Package List or Contents of Hybrid Pro 3.0 UV/LED Lamp

1 Hybrid Pro 3.0 Rechargeable Lamp
1 DC Adapter (DC15V 4A)
1 User's Manual
1 Warranty Card

In the case of an unfortunate event, kindly report it to iGel Beauty as soon as possible, within 30 calendar days upon receipt. This gives us enough time to investigate the issue and resolve it to your satisfaction as quickly as possible.



2. Turn on the lamp and check the battery

To ensure the lamp is working, simply turn the switch at the back of the machine to the “|” position. This will trigger the LCD screen to light up showing the 30s timer, confirming as well that the machine is in work mode. Please do not use the electrical device near water and avoid touching the plug or socket with wet hands. 


Turn on the nail UV/LED lamp, Hybrid Pro 3.0

Proper Charging and Battery Care

Before using the lamp, please check if the battery is sufficiently charged. It’s best to charge the lamp when the battery is critically low (lower than 20%). When this happens, the battery power indicator will flicker and the lamp will not work. For the Hybrid Pro 3.0, we recommend charging them for about 5 hours to obtain a full charge. After 5 hours, please take it off the charger to preserve the integrity of the battery.


Battery levels and proper charging of UV/LED nail lamp, Hybrid Pro 3.0

Take note of the following:
1. Use only the correct charger for this device and inspect your power adapter’s voltage (do not over/under-volt your battery).
2. The lamp will still charge even when the power and LCD screen are off.
3. Once the lamp is switched on, it will use the stored battery power as well as indicate current power levels.
4. We recommend unplugging the adapter once charging is complete and when not in use.


3. Test out the lamp and its features

One of the features that the Hybrid Pro lamp series boasts is the smart display with motion sensor 30s, 60s, and 90s timer. While inspecting the lamp, kindly be reminded to not look directly into the UV/LED light and that certain cosmetics or prescriptive lotions can cause sensitivity. If sensitivity occurs, please discontinue use immediately and do not overexpose the nails or skin. Are we all set? Here are two ways to use the lamp: 

a. Pressing Buttons

You can start by pressing the 30s timer button (default time). Once pressed, the timer display will start counting down and the bulbs inside will light up. The lights will turn off automatically after the preset time is up. 

To choose another time/mode, press the button (30s/60s/90s/Builder Gel Mode) once, then press it again to start the countdown and light illumination. The light will turn off automatically, then repeat the process as necessary to cure the gel.


30 seconds timer for Hybrid Pro 3.0

b. Motion Sensor

The Hybrid Pro 3.0 UV/LED Lamp is equipped with an infrared motion sensor to turn the lights on and off. Choose the time desired with a single press on the timer/mode button (30s/60s/90s/Builder Gel Mode). Slide the hand or foot into the machine, then you’ll see the light turning on automatically and the selected time counting down. The light will turn off automatically at zero or when the hand or foot is removed.


Motion sensor in nail lamps, Hybrid Pro 3.0

The lamp will go into sleep mode if there is no activity for 5 minutes. Touch any button on the operation panel to resume normal working mode.


To complete this guide, below are the specifications that you can also find in the manual:

Power: 48W Max
Input Voltage: AC100~240V, 50~60Hz
Output Voltage: DC15V 4A
Size: 235*209*97mm
Wave Length: 365nm&400nm
Battery Capacity: 8000mAh (11/.1V)
Charging Time: About 5 hours
Battery Lifetime: 4 hours of continuous use

Every iGel Beauty is excited about the arrival of the newest and ground-breaking Hybrid Pro 3.0 Wireless Rechargeable UV/LED Lamp. Nothing beats the value of creating a product inspired by customer feedback and a drive for growth. Each feature was thoughtfully designed and developed to accommodate today’s demands for a proper nail care experience. If you want to learn about nail lamp cleaning, here’s an essential guide to cleaning UV/LED nail lamps. Do you have any product requests or suggestions? Let us know through our empowering iGel Beauty Facebook Community. Create flawless nails and have a fun-tastic nail adventure!




Written by Alyssa Bueno

Alyssa Bueno, a true beauty enthusiast, brings her passion for writing and beauty to life as a writer for iGel Beauty. With diverse editorial background and industry expertise, Alyssa curates tutorials, tips, and trends to inspire nail lovers worldwide.