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The Ultimate Guide to 3D Cat Eye

A cat eye makeup look is a part of every beauty routine; there are plenty of cat eye makeup tutorials you can devour, but what about wearing cat eye nail designs? If you love wearing line art nail designs, then wearing cat eye nails will give you the same vibe since it has fierce lines, circles, and S-curve effects that instantly make your nails a stunner.  

Cat eye gel polishes should be a part of your beauty routine since your nails will glow wherever you go! Here's a guide to answering your questions, from how to do cat eye nails to the different types of cat eye gel polishes available for you!


What is cat eye nail polish?

A Cat eye gel polish is similar to your favorite gel nails, but it has different types of effects and line art designs. If you're wondering, how does cat eye nail polish work? You can watch how the law of attraction works on your cat eye gel polish with our 3D Cat eye Dual Head Magnet.  

Cat eye nail designs are perfect for nail art lovers who want to wear galaxy-inspired nail sets or temperature-change nails. Whether you're in the mood for pink cat eye nails or black cat eye nails, We have 4 different cat eye gel nail polishes available for you to wear!


What's the difference between the Cat-Eyes?

You don't need a dark base color to see the full impact of the standard 3D Cat Eye polishes, as they are opaque and shimmer-filled. The magnet is optional.

Since the Top Cat Eye polishes aren't as "opaque" as the 3D Cat Eyes, you can layer them for a unique color combination. They work well with a dark base color.

3D Mood Change Cat Eye polishes don't need to have a dark color as a base. To use this, apply it like any other cat eye color, which will change color based on the temperature.

A dark foundation color is recommended for the new LB Supernova Cat-Eye polishes. This cat eye gel polish has a three-dimensional galaxy pattern on them. Depending on the angle of the light, each bottle will appear to have at least two distinct colors in them!


How to do cat eye nails with a magnet?

Step 1:

The first step is to apply a thin coat of iGel Base Coat, then cure under your UV / LED lamp.


Step 2:

The next thing you have to do is to apply the first coat of your preferred iGel Cat Eye gel polish, then cure under UV / LED lamp.


Step 3:

After curing, apply the second coat of iGel Cat Eye gel polish.

Step 4:

Once you apply the second coat, you must use our iGel Dual Head Magnet to achieve a sharp line or galaxy effect. 

To get the "Velvet" texture in your cat eye nail design, you can completely ignore step 4 or repeat steps 3 and 4 as often as you like until you obtain the look you want.

Step 5:

Cure your nails under your UV / LED lamp.  Curing Time: LED (30 seconds), UV/LED (60-90 seconds), UV (2 minutes) depending on lamp wattage.


Step 6:

Finish off your gorgeous cat eye nail design with our iGel No Cleanse Top Coat.


Can you use any magnet for your cat eye nail design?

Our Cat-Eye magnet is the best way to move the Cat Eye design because of its high strength. Generally speaking, any other magnet can be utilized, but it may not be the best option depending on the magnet's strength.


What to do if you're struggling in creating the Cat-Eye effect?

Before each use, warm your Cat Eye bottle by soaking it in hot water or shaking it vigorously to combine the components thoroughly. Factors including body temperature and inactivity may influence the optimal usage of the Cat Eye effect.

Bring on the cat power with your nails, and show off the sophistication of your sharp yet beautiful claws no matter where you go. Join our iGel Beauty online community to get more cat-eye-inspired nails. See you there!