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UV Sterilization Box: Everything You Need to Know


Disinfecting your nail tools or small everyday items like keys or phones shouldn't be a struggle. The increase in hygiene practices nowadays is highly prioritized. Therefore, it only makes sense for you to invest in the best UV sterilizer box in-store, one that can help you maintain nail sanitation for you and your client's peace of mind. With a UV sterilizer, cleaning has become easy to do anytime and anywhere. If you're curious about our UV Sterilization box, you have come to the right place; read on to learn more about this UV light technology.

What is a UV Sterilization Box?


As the name suggests, this is a sterilizing box that utilizes ultraviolet light to kill and deactivate microorganisms on the surface of the object you place within.

If you're not using it to sterilize your nail tools, from drill bits to buffers, you can use it to sterilize things that you use daily, such as masks, jewelry, gadgets, and cosmetic items that can all be cleaned and sterilized. The disinfection chamber should not contain any items that have been exposed to acetone, such as drill bits. 

On top of all that, it doubles as a wireless phone charger. It's as simple as plugging the machine into a power source. After that, put your phone on the table (capable of wireless charging inside the box, making sure that the box is properly closed). To confirm that your device is charging correctly, you must press the blue button. It will beep after five minutes to tell you that your phone is completely sanitized! At this point, your phone has been thoroughly cleaned and recharged.


Why is the UV Sterilization Box Important?

Nail salon sanitation is critical during pandemics, and a UV sterilization box is a must-have for cleaning everyday things while also eliminating surface fading and the need to submerge nail tools and other items in alcohol. Disposable products and hand sanitizer can be used to clean the salon rather than personal belongings. Resources and time are saved which is a win-win situation for you.

Nail tools that you often use may get infested with bacteria. Staphylococcus aureus, Streptococcus sp., and E.coli are some of the most frequent bacteria found in everyday objects. It is possible for fungi to grow and accumulate in your client nails therefore their nails would become brittle, smelly, and unpleasant as a result, but you can eliminate this problem with our UV sterilization box. Bottomline pandemic or not, nail salon sanitation is extremely important as part of your day to day routine as a nail tech or nail professional.


Is the UV sterilization box effective?

A microbiology lab approved our UV sterilization box in the United States; therefore, it is effective and safe to use. You can check out these resources on the effectiveness of UV lights against viruses and bacteria.


How to Use Your UV Sterilization Box

1. Switch on the power


Your device can be charged by plugging it into a power source. When the sterilizing box is properly connected, the button will become blue. If you’re not using your UV sterilizer for a while then the  box will have a preheating process, which takes around 10 seconds. When it's turned on, it lights itself.


2. Look out for the green light


Close the sterilization chamber and sanitize your object. It's as simple as clicking the blue button to begin the sterilizing process. Once the sterilization procedure has commenced, the button will turn green. As soon as it turns green, the sterilization timer counts down from five minutes.

 Please check that your tools, such as drill bits and buffers, are free of acetone before using them since they may dent your sterilization box.

 You can press the button for three seconds if you need to interrupt the sterilization procedure. The green/light goes out and the operation comes to an end after the beep. The box's contents are accessible by lifting the lid.


3. Wait for the beeping sound


Your item will be completely clean when you hear a beeping sound at the end of the sterilizing procedure! Now that your item has been sterilized, you may put it away in a place where it will be safe and secure.


Other questions about the UV sterilization box:

1. Is any type of solution required for the sterilization process?

UV sterilization boxes do not require any kind of solution. UV light is used in the procedure to get rid of bacteria from the specified item. The scented diffuser, on the other hand, can be used with essential oils. Two pipettes are included with the UV sterilizing apparatus so that you can drop the essential oils for a spa-like relaxing scent. Take a look at the two holes in the middle of the box and insert it!


2. What could cause damage to my UV sterilization box?

It's best to avoid any kind of physical damage to your box, such as dropping it or using the wrong charger. Alcohol or a disinfectant spray can be used on a cloth to remove stains or dust smudges from your UV sterilization box.

You should be aware that acetone has the potential to dent your UV sterilization box! Make sure your tools  are completely dry before putting them inside.

Only phones that allow wireless charging can make use of this product.

Purchasing a separate wireless charger is recommended if your phone does not come equipped with built-in wireless reception functionality.

Wireless quick charging efficiency will be adapted to the phone's self-charging efficiency if it isn't supported by the phone in question.

Iron sheet or ring may not be used on the phone's charging contact surface since it is corrosive. For example, a metal shell acts as a protective barrier.


3. How to clean the UV sterilization box?

You don't have to use any liquid to clean the box in cleaning your UV sterilizer since it will cause damage. Whenever you use the device, its compartment is getting sterilized, but to ensure your safety and hygiene, you can use a microfiber cloth to wipe the box if needed.




You know what the adage says, prevention is better than cure, and it is true. Ensuring the cleanliness of your nail tools and the safety of your clients is essential. You don't have to worry about it with our UV sterilization box. You can join our iGel Beauty Facebook community to see reviews and product demos about it. Join us now!