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Designer Flake - F15

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Due to high calibrations of the digital images, as well as monitor settings of electronic devices, please note that the colors you see may slightly vary.

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A special selection of flakes specially formulated as a versatile medium and formulated with its own special assorted color! Simply encapsulate our Designer Flakes over gel polish, dip, acrylic, builder gel, sculpture gel, or any medium you like! However, you may also use them on their own! Simply top it off with iGel No Cleanse Top Coat then cure with a UV or LED light!

Available in 28 beauty-certified colors that sparkle and shine!


Product Size: 1g


Dip Application Instructions:

1. Prep your nails by applying pH Bonder and Bond

2. Apply Base Coat and dip your nail into your chosen Designer Flakes at a 45-degree angle. Tap finger to remove excess and wait 30 seconds before brushing off the excess powder with a nail brush.  Repeat this step on the same nail until you get the color and thickness you desire.

3. Apply Activator to all fingers on one hand and wait at least 30 seconds.

4. Wipe each nail with a lint-free wipe to remove any excess activator.

5. File & Buff to your desired length and shape.

6. For a gorgeous long-lasting manicure, apply  Top Coat.

7. Apply Nourish Oil to rejuvenate the cuticles.

Acrylic Application Instructions:

1. Prep your nails with Ultra Bond Primer to extend the longevity of your manicure. 

2. If you are seeking extra length - apply tips.

3. Dip your brush into our slow-setting monomer and push it all the way down to make sure the bubbles go away. Then, brush it against the side of the bowl to remove excess liquid. 

3.  Dip your brush into your chosen Designer Flakes. Apply the bead to your nails, then air dry. Depending on your method of application, you may repeat and apply another bead. 

4. Apply No Cleanse Top Coat, then cure.


Removal Instructions:

1. Trim off any extra nail length with a nail cutter.

2. Buff off the shiny top layer, and avoid buffing your natural nail bed. 

Pro Tip: Before applying the acetone, rub petroleum jelly around your cuticle and fingertips.  It will keep the skin around your nails from drying out!

• Foil Method
Thoroughly soak a cotton ball in acetone. Afterward, place it over your nail and tightly wrap your nail in aluminum foil. Do this for each finger and leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes. Lastly, remove the foil, and gently rub the cotton ball along with the foil on your nails.

• Soak Off Method
Pour acetone into a small bowl and soak your nails inside for 15 to 20 minutes. If excess polish remains, soak it in for another 5 minutes.

3. Lighty buff the surface of your nails. Afterward, shape your nails with a nail file and create your desired shape. Then, nourish your nails with cuticle oil.