Dust Brush - Rose Gold

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Don't you just love a fluffy ending? These soft metallic shades give a romantic finish to an elegant brush! 

"Gentle, fluffy, and well-rounded! Perfect for prepping! Our Dust Brush smoothens your nails for precise powder and glitter removal without damaging the nails beneath!"


Dimensions: 6 inches



✔ Soft Fluffy Bristles

✔ Rose Gold Handle

How to Clean:

1. Wash the bristles in warm soapy water for 15 minutes, this will remove all the debris in your brush. Please do not soak it in hot water as this will damage the softness of the bristles!

2. Gently tap the brush on a clean washcloth. Do not over-tap or roughly pull the bristles, as this could displace or even remove the bristles.

3. Lay your brush flat on a dry washcloth and allow it to dry for 4 hours. To check if it's accurately dried, run your thumb on its bristles. If it's still wet, leave it to dry for a little longer. Alternatively, you may take a hanger, tie a rubber band around the handle, and hang the brush facing down. Just make sure that the bristles are left hanging to avoid dents.  

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