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Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes!

To showcase this, our Sculpture Gel Tips present a variety of shapes and sizes tailored for your nail tip needs! Get the perfect coffin shape for your Sculpture Gel every time! Say hello to a hassle-free application!

*Recommended to be used with Sculpture Gel Brush


Color: Clear
Product Size:
#0 to #11
Product Type
Nail Tip (12 Sizes)
Quantity: 120 Tips Total



✔ Specifically designed to make the perfect Sculpture Gel shape

✔ Produces a well-structured apex


Application Instructions:

1. Measure your Sculpture Gel Tip by placing it over your chosen nail from sidewall to sidewall. 

2. Squeeze just enough Sculpture Gel on the spatula of your Sculpture Gel Brush, then place it on the concave side of your Sculpture Gel Tip. Placing too much may cause the Sculpture Gel to spill into the crevices of your nails, and placing too little will cause brittle, uneven nails.

3. Using the brush side of your Sculpture Gel Brush, pat down the Sculpture Gel on your Nail Tip.

4. Estimate where you will be placing the form, and place the Sculpture Gel Tip over your nail. Leave a small space/allowance near the cuticle area to avoid getting Sculpture Gel on your skin.

5. Even out the product underneath with your Sculpture Gel Brush

6. Cure both the surface and bottom area of your nail.
Cure Time: 30 seconds for LED, 60-90 seconds for UV/LED, 2 minutes for UV depending on lamp wattage.

7. File the Sculpture Gel for a perfectly even shape.

8. Top it off with No Cleanse Top Coat.
Cure Time: 30 seconds for LED, 60-90 seconds for UV/LED, 2 minutes for UV depending on lamp wattage.

Removal Instructions:

1. Cut off any extra nail length with a nail cutter.

2. Buff the top layers of the Sculpture Gel.

3. Divide cotton balls into pieces that are big enough to cover your nails, then saturate them with acetone.

4. Cover the surface of your nails with the presoaked cotton pieces.

5. Wrap aluminum foil around your nails with the presoaked cotton pieces for 10-12 minutes.

6. Unfold the aluminum foils and gently scrape off the remaining Sculpture Gel with a cuticle pusher.

7. Smooth and polish the nail by buffing.

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