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Discover Trusted Nail Salons That Use iGel Beauty

Discover Trusted Nail Salons That Use iGel Beauty Products

Getting attached to certain nail products happens and we understand how hard it is to find a nail salon that uses the same brand. You could look for similar items or dupes but when you’re already committed to the brand, it’s really a different story. Funnily enough, you might even have “It’s just not the same!” moments. Well, if you’re a huge fan of iGel Beauty, today is your lucky day! Worry no more as we’ve compiled trusted nail salons that use iGel Beauty products.


Mystique Nails & Beauty Studio


Mystique Nails & Beauty Studio, Ivy's Fancy Nails
Location:  527 Cumberland St. Lebanon, Pennsylvania 17042
Mystique Nails & Beauty Studio: Facebook | Instagram 
Ivy’s Fancy’s Nails: Facebook | Instagram
For bookings/appointments: https://mystiquenailsbeautystudio.glossgenius.com/
or message 717-507-8108

Are you into floral designs? iGel Beauty Ivy Soto, owner of Mystique Nails & Beauty Studio and Ivy's Fancy Nails, has mastered colored acrylics and 3D flower nail design. She discovered iGel Beauty during the 2020 pandemic and ever since then, she has been in love with the brand and owned almost everything available. She can’t imagine a day without reaching out for her favorite iGel Beauty acrylics and iGel No Cleanse Top Coat 0.5 oz! Aside from these products, she likes the nail community of iGel Beauty. For her, iGel Beauty found a way to bring the community together in a very special way.


Leibella Nails


Leibella Nails, Stephanie Garcia
Location: Central Alabama
Leibella Nails: Instagram
For bookings/appointments: contact Leibella Nails
at https://www.instagram.com/leibella_nails/

If you’re looking for a licensed nail tech in Central Alabama, look no further than iGel Beauty Stephanie Garcia of Leibella Nails, a skilled 3D nail artist.  She began carrying iGel Beauty products about 3 years ago and her customers really like the longevity of the gel polishes. Out of all her iGel Beauty products, the closest to her heart is Blossom Gel - Blooming Effect because it works great during her application. She also appreciates that iGel Beauty offers professional yet affordable nail products. 



Kulture’D Nails & Day Spa


Kulture'D Nails & Day Spa, Ariel Steib-Duhe
Location: 104 Ormond Blvd STE O La Place, LA 70068
Kulture’D Nails & Day Spa:
Website | Facebook | Instagram 
For bookings/appointments:  Book via https://kulturednails.square.site/

One of the highly-rated nail spas in LaPlace, Louisiana is Kulture’D Nails & Day Spa by acrylic and nail design expert, iGel Beauty Ariel Steib-Duhè. When asked about her favorites from the brand, she answered the top coat and gel polish collections since they don’t chip and even last up to 6-8 weeks on top of acrylic. She started her nail journey with iGel Beauty in April 2020 and up to this day, she still admires the responsiveness of the brand’s customer service and the way the problems are being solved or addressed.



Reddz Nail Lounge


Reddz Nail Lounge, Christel Brown-Cox
Location: Rialto, CA, United States, California
Reddz Nail Lounge: Facebook | Instagram (@strwberry39) | TikTok (@strwberry50nails)
For bookings/appointments: Send a direct message
or other social media links

Some days we just want to work on our natural nails. If you need a nail tech who works in all areas of nail enhancements but loves to focus on natural nails, visit iGel Beauty Christel Brown-Cox of Reddz Nail Lounge. Her treasured Builder in a Bottle (BIAB) collection from iGel Beauty allows her customers to wear natural-looking manicures without polish and enhance nail designs with polish. Since December 2020, all she received from her customers was positive feedback about the brand. They all love the outcome! 



Nails by Audrey


Nails By Audrey, Audrey Mathisen
Location: Roosevelt, Utah
Nails by Audrey: Facebook
For bookings/appointments: contact Audrey at 801-900-1796 

Creating custom designs and using acrylic powders are the areas of expertise of iGel Beauty Audrey Mathisen (Nails by Audrey). She started collecting iGel Beauty products last December and has been a fan of the quality since then! If she could only choose 1 product line, she would choose the popular Dip & Dap 3 in 1 Professional Collection! She likes this collection because of the different colors that work well together and the powder’s ability to work for both acrylic and dip applications. Besides the collection, she values the brand’s sales and offers which help customers start their own business.



Matatanik's Nails


Matatanik's Nails, Kristal Merejildo
Location: 104 Wind Chime Court Suite 1D, Raleigh, North Carolina
Matatanik's Nails: Facebook | Instagram
For bookings/appointments: Book via matataniksnails.booksy.com
or message at 919-600-9020

iGel Beauty has been the king of iGel Beauty Kristal Merejildo’s castle since August 2020. With her 20+ years of beauty industry experience and various state licenses, there’s no doubt that she’s an expert in different applications and designs. Acrylic is her forte and would still be her number one after all these years because it is her favorite product to use quickly. Speaking of favorite, she loves all iGel Beauty products but if she must pick one, definitely it would be the crowd-favorite iGel No Cleanse Top Coat 0.5 oz due to its shine lasting from 3-6 weeks. 



Get Nailed Salon 


Get Nailed Salon, Stephanie McPhillips
Location: 4930 N Holland-Sylvania Rd Sylvania, Ohio 43560
Get Nailed Salon: Facebook | Instagram | TikTok
For bookings/appointments: Book via https://getnailedsalon.llc/book/
or waitlist via https://getnailedsalon.llc/waitlist/ 

The work and expertise in hand-painted nail art and gel of iGel Beauty Stephanie McPhillips, owner of Get Nailed Salon, is appreciated in her community as she has been nominated thrice for Best of Toledo. Like most of our iGel Beauties, she began using the products in 2020. She’s currently in love with the LB collection because of the gel’s pigmentation and texture that’s heavenly to work with. Another thing she absolutely likes about the company is the iGel Beauty App that’s easy to use. Moreover, her beautiful shelves were custom-made specifically to fit her iGel Beauty bottles! If you’re interested, contact Robb Moore, owner of R.E.S.K Woodworking and Crafts. 


When you’ve already established your nail must-haves and favorite nail techs/nail salons, it is extremely hard to let go. We don’t want you to feel disheartened so we will do our best to update this list! If you are a nail tech or salon owner who carries iGel Beauty products, post your iGel collection on the iGel Beauty Facebook Community and provide your information and favorite items. We can’t wait to feature your wonderful collections and works!





Written by Alyssa Bueno

Alyssa Bueno, a true beauty enthusiast, brings her passion for writing and beauty to life as a writer for iGel Beauty. With diverse editorial background and industry expertise, Alyssa curates tutorials, tips, and trends to inspire nail lovers worldwide.