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How to Deal With the Afterpay Dillema When Checking Out

Here's the scenario, you're ready to check out your items from the 60% sale or Easter sale; in fact, your excitement is through the roof, however; you can't push through your order, and an error keeps getting in the way. Don't panic! You're still getting your nail mail, and your retail therapy spree will not go to waste! Here are the steps you can do to avoid stress from your Afterpay dilemma and get your nail mail asap!


What is Afterpay?

It is a third-party loan company that lends money to customers. In 6 weeks, you can make four interest-free payments on whatever you want to buy (one amount every two weeks). You can read about our Afterpay FAQ page here to know more!


Reasons why your Afterpay payment is not proceeding:

  • You must have enough money available to make the first payment.
  • The balance on your Afterpay account is past due.
  • The Afterpay risk management department has rejected your payment.


How to check out successfully:

iGel Beauty accepts AMEX, Google Pay, Visa, Mastercard, and Afterpay as payment methods. Suppose you're using Afterpay as a payment method and encounter a problem. You can troubleshoot the problem by doing the steps below.


Option 1: 

You can clear cookies and cache to reattempt your check out. Another benefit of removing them is to avoid filling out old forms and help your computer run our applications more smoothly.


Option 2:

You can switch to a different device, re-enter your orders on the other device, and see if it will push through. If you're using your computer, switch to a phone or tablet or vice versa.


Option 3:

If you couldn't see the Afterpay option, click on the three dots, and delete your card from the options. Then refresh the page, and once you see a drop-down menu for payment. Select Afterpay, then hit next.

The second checkout window will show you Afterpay. If this solution still doesn't work, you can check out as a guest. Please keep in mind that once you opt-in to check out as a guest, your points will not show up on your account; feel free to contact our customer service so we can transfer your points to your account.


Option 4:

Other iGel Beauties, opt-in for checking out on a later date or time since the high volume of traffic of people buying can cause the error which prevents you from checking out successfully.


Option 5:

What you can do if all else fails is to have your internet connection or device checked; perhaps there's an error. You can always get in touch with our customer service or the live chat option on our site to ask for help; we are always ready to help you out!



Checking out should be smooth and stress-free with our helpful Afterpay troubleshooting guide. You can now order as many nail products as your heart desires, from acrylic and dip powders to e-files and drill bits. Join our iGel Beauty Facebook community to keep tabs on upcoming sales and watch countless product demos and swatches at your disposal.