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Sunscreen And Gloves To Protect Skin During Gel Manicure

Sunscreen And Gloves To Protect Skin During Gel Manicure

If you follow a lot of Skincare Gurus, you likely already know that sunscreen is essential in protecting our skin from harmful UV rays. Aside from the sun, we are also exposed to UV radiation during nail-curing sessions as gel requires ultraviolet light to dry. As much as we enjoy getting our nails done, we also need to invest in products or tools that will help us maintain and protect our skin. For avid fans of gel mani, sunscreen/sunblock and fingerless gloves are the best ways to shield you from UV light. Find out more about these iGel Beauty-approved skin protection techniques!


Two Ways To Protect Skin From UV Exposure


1.) Sunscreen/Sunblock


SPF 30 or higher broad spectrum UVA UVB for nails

Nail lamps, whether it’s UV or LED, emit UV radiation in small amounts. iGel Beauties Lola Galvan, Julie Halstead, and Heidi Wheatley recommend using sunblock before getting your nails done. With all the sunscreen or sunblock varieties to choose from, what should you look for in a product? According to dermatologists, a broad-spectrum (UVA/UVB) sunscreen SPF 30 or higher should be applied to the skin. Regular use of broad-spectrum sunscreen or sunblock has been shown to reduce the risks of skin aging and other conditions.


Tips For Sunscreen/Sunblock:

• Check the type of sunscreen


Sunblock vs. Sunscreen, what's the difference?

Knowing the type of sunscreen matters, according to Healthline. You might also be wondering if there’s any difference between “sunblock” and “sunscreen”. Sunblock (physical/mineral sunscreen) sits on the surface of our skin and acts as a shield (bounces) perfect for sensitive skin while Sunscreen (chemical sunscreen) sinks into our skin and acts more like a sponge (absorbs) without any white residue. Take note that chemical sunscreen takes 20 minutes to become effective, as opposed to physical sunscreen/sunblock, which is instant. 

If it’s not specified on the front label of the product, you can identify the type of sunscreen by looking at the common actives in the ingredients list:

Physical Sunblock - Zinc Oxide, Titanium Oxide
Chemical Sunscreen - Oxybenzone, Avobenzone, Octisalate, Octocrylene, Homosalate, and Octinoxate


Apply evenly on your skin


Sydney Sweeney applying sunscreen from Supergoop to her hands for skin protection

Remember to apply a generous amount of sunscreen evenly and cover as much exposed skin as possible, including around your nails. Even American actress Sydney Sweeney practices applying sunscreen before her gel manicure! As mentioned previously, keep in mind the amount of time it takes for your chosen sunscreen to be effective. This ensures that your skin is fully protected before you start curing. 


Wipe nails to remove sunscreen residue 


Wipe nail to remove sunscreen residue or oil

Try to avoid the nail area when applying sunscreen. Sunscreens can leave some residue on your nails and affect your nail prep later on. The last thing we want to happen is a nail disaster, right? Before your sunscreen dries and gets absorbed by the nails, wipe each of them with a lint-free cloth. We suggest checking the corners of your nails as well to make sure that there are no buildups. 


2.) UV-blocking Fingerless Gloves


Kylie Jenner uses UV-blocking Fingerless Gloves for her gel manicure/gel nails as seen on TikTok

Another way to protect our skin from UV radiation is by wearing gloves. There are fingerless gloves available online with a UV protective factor (UPF) built into them, helping decrease the risk of skin aging and diseases. If you’re looking for a sign and inspiration, Kylie Jenner is your girl! She posted her pearl nails TikTok video and showed herself wearing fingerless gloves. Just like sunscreens, the minimum rating should be UPF 30 to protect you from ultraviolet light. 


Tips For UV-blocking Fingerless Gloves


Look for breathable and comfortable fabric


UV-blocking fingerless gloves tips

Always check the product description and reviews when purchasing online. Since you’ll be using the gloves for hours, the fabric must be breathable and comfortable. Make sure they fit your hands well! For those who tend to sweat excessively, we recommend looking for sweatproof or quick-drying materials. Most brands have an 85-90% Nylon and 10-15% Spandex composition for their gloves and the reviews show that customers love them!


Encourage them to bring their own


fingerless gloves for nails

For sanitary purposes, encourage your customers to bring their own UV-protected gloves or if you’re interested, seize the opportunity and start offering gloves at your nail salon. Our certified glove users, iGel Beauties ELii Gonzalez, Madeline Resto, and Nancy Lee, mentioned that gloves can be bought on Amazon and other official websites. Having your own gloves is hygienic and prevents possible skin issues from spreading.


Clean gloves after your nail session


how to clean your fingerless gloves that you used during nail appointment

Just like our athletic or sports gloves, we must also clean our nail gloves after our appointment. To ensure that the gloves will not be damaged, look for specific care instructions on the website or in the packaging. Generally, gloves should be hand-washed in cold water with mild or gentle soap. After washing them, proceed with airdrying the gloves in the shade.

Just in time for a new summer-themed set of nails, let’s give our hands the UV protection they deserve this season. It’s time to shower our skin and nails with some extra care and protection! These iGel Beauty-approved ways will help you prevent premature skin aging and pigmentation. Want to share your hand-care tips? We would love to hear them on our iGel Beauty Facebook Community! Always remember, SPF is your BFF! 🌞 



Written by Alyssa Bueno

Alyssa Bueno, a true beauty enthusiast, brings her passion for writing and beauty to life as a writer for iGel Beauty. With diverse editorial background and industry expertise, Alyssa curates tutorials, tips, and trends to inspire nail lovers worldwide.