10 Best Tips on Staying Productive at Work During the Winter


Winter seems like a magical and busiest season of the year, as the nights get longer and colder, the urge to stay in bed and cozy yourself up by the fireplace sounds so good. Yes, it's understandable however, it means another year is ending, which means as a nail tech or nail salon owner, staying productive is important to keep the business open.

Think about all of your clients who want to have cute nail designs for the holidays. You can’t stop right now, since they need you now more than ever, take it as a sign to stay motivated. You have a business to run, and this season is the best time to keep the ball rolling, ending the year productive and happy.

1. Prep


We all know how hectic the holidays can be not just for business owners but for everyone. As entrepreneurs, it's important to prepare yourself and your team to ensure your business is up and running despite the chaos and busy schedules. You can read our blog about nail prep. Knowing your goals and plans can help you stay motivated to go to work and achieve those.


2. Take breaks


If you want to stay productive, consider taking breaks in between nail sessions. You can have walking breaks, read a self-help book, or have a chat with your client. According to a study, taking breaks during work can help you focus and increase productivity. If you’re stuck or overwhelmed with your tasks, you can get a breather and go back to your work whether you’re working on DIY press-ons or catering to a nail client. You can consider doing the Pomodoro technique in your workflow.

3. Sticking to a schedule


During the winter, it can be hard to stick to a schedule when the chilly weather wants you to stay in bed. You can try beating the cold weather but setting an alarm, running yourself a warm or hot bath before going to work. It can be mundane and somehow routine-like to have a schedule, but it will help you stay consistent in showing up for work which can also help you stay productive.

You need to strengthen your work ethic if you’re a beginner nail tech, and for experienced nail professionals, you know that every minute counts for your clients, and you don’t want to let them down.

4. Get some sunlight


You want to soak up some sun before going to work to get some vitamins in your body which can energize you. How about taking a walk when going to your nail salon? Or just meditating under the sun before work can help you stay focused for the day. A scientific study confirms that the sun and nature can positively affect your productivity at work.

5. Have a healthy lifestyle


During the winter especially the holidays there’s a lot of festivities going on from Thanksgiving to New Years, the food and drinks are in abundance. You might want to keep your food and lifestyle in check during this time since it can affect your productivity. It's all fun and games until you show up with a hangover at work which can affect your workflow and disappoint your clients.

There’s no harm in indulging yourself, just make sure that you’re not self-sabotaging and you can still put your best foot forward at work. Remember health is wealth, and you have to think about the long-term effects of your lifestyle.

6. Avoid overworking yourself


The last thing you want to do is suffer from burnout since it can affect your productivity. Learn to practice work-life balance and streamline work processes that can boost your creativity and productivity at work. Learn how to balance your time and energy and know when to stop taking in clients when you’re fully booked.

7. Practice mental health care


Mental health care is essential during the winter since some people suffer from Seasonal affective disorder (SAD). Don’t be afraid to reach out if you have this disorder, and there’s nothing to be ashamed of if you’re not that productive. You can talk to your counselor or a mental health professional about how to manage it and how you can boost your productivity at work. You can read our blog about practicing mental health care as a nail tech.

8. Socialize

Yes, you can socialize to increase your productivity, you can talk to your clients during the nail session which will not make it feel like work at all. You can talk to your employees during downtime at the salon. You’ll find it motivating and inspiring to talk to other people which can energize you to work even more.

Surround yourself with people who will help you stay on top of your game as an entrepreneur. We have an iGel Beauty Facebook community where you can be a part of a supportive network of talented nail professionals.

9. Have fun at work


Who said you can’t have fun at work? You can! The best thing about being a nail tech is you can spice things up at work from your nail designs to creating content for marketing purposes.

Time flies when you’re having fun, and you can easily do your tasks at work if you’re enjoying every minute. Don’t forget to shake things up when work is starting to be slow and cold just like the season. You can always be creative in finding ways to have fun at work.

10. Treat yourself


Last but not the least is to treat yourself, after a long hard day at work. You can indulge yourself every once in a while as a means of self-care. Loving yourself and appreciating your hard work will increase your productivity at work.


The winter season is not a reason for you to slow down, you can still achieve your goals before the year ends. You can join our iGel Beauty Facebook community to meet talented iGel Beauties who are as inspiring and hardworking as you. Come and join us!