11 Ways to Practice Mental Health Care As a Nail Tech


The best thing about being a nail tech is all the fabulous nail designs you can do. You have the freedom to master any nail method, from acrylic to gel polish nails. Being a nail tech sounds like a dream job to anyone, and it all stems from your love for nail designs.

There are plenty of perks from the job, such as connecting with like-minded people who love beauty, earning money from your passion, and having the ability to travel to different places. It sounds wonderful, exciting, and everything you can dream of! However, there are always highs and lows, and working in the nail industry can be chaotic.

Sometimes the tendency to work yourself to the bone is high when bills come knocking on your door. Pressure can block your creativity, and stress can make you weary. So how to practice self care as a nail tech? Here are eleven ways you can take care of yourself mentally while working in the beauty industry.

How to take care of your mental health as a nail professional:

1. Stop the urge to compare yourself to others


No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.- Eleanor Roosevelt

We're all guilty of this, and no matter what level of expertise you are as a nail tech, it's always tempting to check other designs created by other nail pros. There's nothing wrong with admiring other nail artworks, but it can backfire if you find yourself comparing.

Creatives tend to doubt themselves in terms of their artistry and skills. So the best thing that you can do right now to take care of your mental health by placing boundaries on things or behaviors that will make you self-sabotage. 

There's nothing wrong, of course, with browsing through nail designs for inspiration. If you have nail techs that you look up to, checking out their social media accounts is not a bad thing either. Just remember not to let social media wreak havoc on your self-worth as an artist and an individual.

2. Rest whenever you can


According to research released exclusively to Yahoo Finance by Sleep Junkie, three out of five Americans who work 50 to 59 hours per week feel overworked. People who work 60 hours or more are much more likely to be "overworked," with 77 percent saying they are. 

Overworking can be unavoidable; whether you're working as an independent nail tech or working in a nail salon, your work schedule can be hectic, but you can control it.

Rest is essential not only for your wellness but also for your mental health. It can be challenging to think of new nail designs for your clients if you're not in the right state of mind. 

For self-professed workaholics, it can be hard to stay still and rest since they feel like they have to work constantly. It's understandable, but don't let your passion lead you to burnout. 

Taking a break once in a while is a good thing so you can focus your energy on practicing self-care and connecting with others. However, although giving yourself a breather from the nail world can be refreshing, don't forget to prioritize work-life balance.

3. Let go of toxicity


Mental health care starts from within. So the first thing you can do is assess your lifestyle and the people around you.

The little things that you do may seem harmless at first but can lead to bigger consequences if you're not self-aware. You have to make sure you're surrounding yourself with the people who support you to be better. Let go of the things or people that will hinder your growth and are affecting your mental health.

Remember that success comes to those who work smarter and not just harder. Having the proper mindset and working on yourself is one of the effective ways you can be better.

4. Constantly learn and improve


You can always learn something new even if you're in the nail industry for many years; learning never stops. Every day, you meet new people from all walks of life. You hear their stories and learn from their experiences. 

Reading books that are nail-related and can educate you, such as self-help books, are good options. Check out our self-help book recommendations

You can also join a certification class by iGel Beauty or perhaps find self love tips for nail techs through social media or online resources. Your classroom has become more accessible with the internet. You can take advantage of it to grow and hone your craft. You'll feel good since you're nurturing yourself and constantly feeding your passion. 

5. Join a nail community


Your journey as a nail tech shouldn't be lonely! It's beneficial for your mental health to join a community related to your passion since you'll learn professionally, and at the same time, it's therapeutic to know that you're not alone; they're people who have the same struggles as yours.

iGel Beauty has a Facebook community ready to welcome you wholeheartedly and teach you plenty of nail tricks and secrets, ones you never knew before. 

We have to warn you that joining our community can make you laugh so hard with nail-related memes or make you cry from inspiring stories. It'll be a roller coaster ride but a bond of sisterhood and being a part of a family, one that will support and guide you in the process.

6. Get support from your loved ones


As much as joining a nail community is essential, having a solid support system from your family and friends is vital for your journey. When things get tough, especially as a nail tech and you have no one else to run to, your loved ones can help you out. Knowing that you are supported and can express your struggles and experiences to someone you trust will make you feel better.

7. Keep persevering


Grit is sticking with your future day in, day out & not just for the week, not just for the month, but for years. -Angela Duckworth

You've taken the brave decision of pursuing your dreams to be a nail tech or a manicurist, and you should be proud of yourself. However, it can be challenging to push through the noise and work on your skills when people doubt you.

The journey will be challenging, and the future may look uncertain, but the important thing is for you not to quit. Whether you find it hard to do acrylic nail art because you're not used to it or have a bad experience with rude clients. Don't give up because these hardships will strengthen you as a professional nail tech, and take every opportunity and experience as a learning curve to be better.

Remember your dreams and all your clients' smiles whenever you feel discouraged. There are people who love you and will continue to support you no matter what, and don't forget that, especially when things get tough.

8. Acknowledge your growth and achievements


Learn to celebrate the milestones you have achieved over the years or the little wins you pulled off, such as learning how to do gel nail polishes, getting your first client, mastering to use an e-file

It's important to acknowledge your growth since you'll realize your self-worth and how much you've grown as a person. It also gives you a boost of morale and makes you feel good about yourself. It's also an act of self-love and can positively affect your mental health and overall wellbeing. 

9. Treat yourself


When you treat yourself special, you bring out the best in yourself.- Aaron Bell

What makes you happy? Is it a newly arrived nail mail full of dip and dap powders or nail supplies? Or maybe a peaceful Sunday where you can bond with your loved ones? You have to carve out the time and energy to reconnect with your passions and love yourself. 

Whenever you feel down or stressed after a long day at work, you can treat yourself with ice cream or binge-watch on Netflix shows. Life is too short, and it's not just all about paying the bills. You can enjoy the fruits of your labor and splurge on some things you want.

10. Move at your own pace


Don't be so hard on yourself whenever you're working at your own pace. It's okay to work slowly but surely until you master your craft. You don't have to rush yourself to be an expert overnight. 

Trust the process and believe in yourself; progress is still progress, no matter how long it takes. You will be better every day. Just keep on moving forward. Take breaks if you have to and allow yourself to rest. It will work wonders for your mental health and self-esteem.

11. Seek professional help


If you're suffering from any mental health issues, don't be afraid to seek help from a licensed counselor or life coach. Being a nail tech can be stressful and mental health issues can arise. If you're dealing with anxiety or depression on a daily basis, doing nail art can be therapeutic for you. 

Connecting with your clients can help you deal with the pressure and make it more lighthearted or fun. Remember that your mental health is important too for you to function efficiently at work.


We believe mental health care for nail artists matters. Our iGel Beauty Facebook nail community is a group of people who bring our motto learn, create, and inspire come to life. You can share your experiences, woes, and connect with nail lovers from all walks of life. We care about you and will support you in your nail journey. Join us and let's help each other out.