10 Spring Nail Designs to Wear This Season

Spring is finally here! It's the perfect time to go outdoors and enjoy the sunshine and flowers blooming. It will undoubtedly inspire you to create beautiful nail art designs inspired by the season. If you love incorporating bright colors or flowers into your nail art, it's your time to shine. Here are our top 10 spring nail designs you can check out for your next nail set.


1. Orange-y love affair

DIY press- on lovers here's something for you! These chic yet vibrant colored press-on nails fit perfectly for the Spring season. The orange hues will remind you of fun times in the sun. It's beautifully designed by iGel Beauty, @pressedbymegs.


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2. Sharp yet coral-ly bright nails

Shades of coral pinks and peach are in for the spring season! Your nail art designs can still be a bombshell even if it's not florals. If you love long nails, then here's your peg; just add a dash of decals and stones to make it pop; you can use our
no wipe jewelry gel to secure those. These lovely nails are designed by iGel Beauty, @nailsbyhami.


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3. Nude and peachy

Nude colors and shades of peaches are still trendy for this Spring season. If you love to keep the nail art minimal but still eye-catchy, you can add nail art stickers. These long gel nails are perfect for you. iGel Beauty, @kimynails_1 designed this gorgeous nail art.


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4. Ombre nails all the way

Ombre nails are still here to stay for spring; one color is sometimes not enough, and what's a better way to showcase it than sporting it on an ombre nail art? Blues and pinks complement one another, and you'll love to wear this nail art. iGel Beauty, @wenailz designed this masterpiece.


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5. These violet delights

Another press on nail art you should consider wearing for the season, violet and purples are perfect for this year. You can check out our blog about the 2022 Pantone nail art. It's not the nails for Springs if there are no flowers in it. Indulge yourself in the rich hues and nail art stickers for this one. iGel Beauty, Alejandra Gaston designed these nails.


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6. Spring-filled colors

You can release your creativity with your spring nail designs by complementing different colors and nail art giving you a spring aesthetic. iGel Beauty, Ivy Soto designed this nail art.


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7. Bejeweled pink and browns

Can't get enough of nail art gems or decals? You can add it as a fun twist to your assorted French Manicure. iGel Beauty Shai Trainer designed this gorgeous nail art!

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8. Orange spring nails

Shades of orange are always lovely for spring; if you want to mix and match different hues of orange for the season, then it's perfect. You can add bold and nude colors as well. iGel Beauty, Jasmine Lesko designed this spring-worthy nail art design.


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9. Florals will never go out of style

Still can't get enough florals for the spring? Here's another nail art inspiration you should consider. It's simple yet well-designed, and iGel Beauty, Brandi Tippetts created this masterpiece.


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10. Spring yellow- orange glow

What is spring without the glow of the sun? Everything seems to be new and fresh with the season, and it only makes sense to wear a nail color that shows how bright it is. This minimalistic but beautifully designed nail art is created by @yamil_enviousnails.

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Spring nails are something you should look forward to for this season. We got you covered with our roundups of swoon-worthy nail art designs. If you want to see other nail inspiration, join our iGel Beauty Facebook community!