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The Ultimate Guide to No-Wipe Jewelry Gel

Nobody wants their nail art falling apart after a week, and it's the ultimate disaster for every nail- enthusiast, whether DIY-ers or pros. The good news is applying our iGel Beauty's No- Wipe Jewelry Gel before adding jewelry or charms makes your nail art creation seem flawlessly lovely and sturdy, avoiding it from sliding off so easily.


What is the No-Wipe Jewelry Gel?

The No-Wipe Jewelry Gel is the best solution for securing rhinestones , decals, and gems that will remain on for weeks without using a lot of product to get enough adhesion. Think of it as your nail art glue or rhinestone adhesive for nails. You can do this easily at home, which means you can take inspiration from celebrity nail techs who specialize in rhinestone nail art or crystal-studded nail designs.


How to apply the No- Wipe Jewelry Gel?

Materials you will need:



A thin layer of No-Wipe Jewelry Gel should be applied to the desired location of your nail art. You don’t have to use a lot of product since it's formulated to make your nail charms in place for a long duration of time. If you add too much gel, the crystals will slide off before they have a chance to cure.

If you’re a beauty- enthusiast then you probably heard of the saying  a drop can go a long way whether in skincare or hair care this can also be applied to nail care and nail art.



Using a lint-free napkin, gently wipe away any remaining gel from the brush. This will allow you to repurpose the brush to pick up the crystals without leaving a thick layer of gel on them. LED or UV nail lamps are required for the No-Wipe Jewelry Gel to properly harden.

This means we have a lot of time to fine-tune our positioning before deciding on a final design. Note: You can use a rhinestone picker tool to make it easier for you.



Flash cure your nail art for 30 seconds with one of our Hybrid Pro LED Lamps once you're satisfied with the design to allow adhesion.



Gently push the gel between the crystals after applying a good amount. Do not go too close to the crystal's surface, or you'll cover its form with gel and lose its sparkle.



The rest of the gel should be blended in with the rest of the nails after sealing the crystals. Allow the application of the No-Wipe Jewelry Gel to take effect for a full minute.



The last step is for you to apply a No-Cleanse Top Coat on the nail’s surface. The application should take a minute to work, and then you’re done for the day! You can enjoy the razzle-dazzle of your nail art right after the application.




The No-Wipe Jewelry Gel makes nail art fun and easy! You’ll be needing this must-have product whenever you’re doing a nail set for fun or work. If you want to learn more about other iGel Beauty products and get nail inspirations, join our iGel Beauty Facebook community.