9 Must-Have Nail Art Accessories for the Ultimate Nail Art Lover


Nail art kits and accessories can be an obsession since there's plenty to go from, and there's this urge to satisfy the need to have them instantly, Like the famous line from Ariana Grande's 7 rings, "I see it, I like it, I want it, I got it."

Nail art accessories are a must-have for every nail artist since they can add spice to your nail art designs, from French nails to blossom gel nails! Here are the top 9 must-have nail art accessories from iGel Beauty you should own in your collection!


1. Nail Transfer Foils

Nail Transfer Foils can be fun to play around with, especially on your nail art designs! Whether you’re in the mood for a leopard print or a Louis Vuitton logo design. You can read our how-to guide if you want to know how to use nail foil transfer sheets. 

It’s easy to use, and you can collect all of them as much as you want; every nail artist or creative needs to have materials to work on their masterpieces! The same thing goes for collecting nail transfer foils. We have plenty of designs you can choose from abstract to galaxy-inspired!


 2. Nail Art Decals

Decals will make your nail art designs pop with statement-worthy words like boss or Versace! Your nails will instantly walk the talk on your prowess. If you want to add gold Nail Art Decals with words to your nail designs, then having a collection of them is a good investment! It's easy to use, fun and can make your nails drip in gold.

3. Nail Art Charms

How can you not be charmed by Nail Art Charms? Whether you want a flower design or colorful pearls to adorn your nail design, it's all waiting for you and more! We have plenty of charms to woo you. Nail Art Charms are a must-have accessory since they can elevate your nail designs!

 4.  Nail Art Gems

We all want our nail art designs to look like a gem! Adding Nail Art Gems will cement your claim to having a nail art masterpiece! If you wish to adorn your nails with a Victorian-inspired ruby Nail Art Gem or a Chanel logo, it's your call! 


5. Nail Art Rhinestones

Nail Art Rhinestones are more than adornment on your nail designs but adding them is a statement! If you want your nails to be the belle of the ball or have an edgy vibe, then you must see for yourself the beauty rhinestones can illuminate. We have varieties of Rhinestones available, such as clear, crystal, and black, waiting for you around the clock!


6. Nail Art Rhinestone Box

Bedazzling your nail clients with a rhinestone-filled nail design is one way to build your personal branding and market yourself as a nail tech! It definitely adds an oomph factor to your masterpiece! With a Rhinestone Box, you have different sizes and designs of Rhinestone that you will need in a set along with a Rhinestone Picker Tool! You can choose from our varieties of selections we have in store.


7. Nail Art Stickers

Ah, the good old days when we were all playing with cartoon-designed stickers! The good news is you still can, but this time on your nails; how fun and nostalgic that sounds? You can choose from our Nail Art Stickers such as Minnie Mouse, glow in the dark,  butterflies, and more! Adding nail art stickers will make your nail designs unique and eye-catching!


8. Nail Art Assorted Design

Nail Art Assorted Design is fun since you’ll never know what nail design you’ll come up with to complement them! If you have an eclectic taste, then investing in our Nail Art Assorted design is right up your alley! Whether you need something shimmery or an all-pink vibe, you’ll find nail art accessories that will catch your eye!


9. Glass Paper

Glass Paper will make your nails look like a fairytale dream come true! It's gorgeous and luminous! If glass skin is the ultimate dream of every K- beauty lover, then glassy nails with the help of our varieties of glass paper will help you achieve that look! 


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