7 Très Chic French Nails to Inspire You on a Lazy Day


Who said French manicure gel nails are dead? As Taylor Swift said in one of her songs," I come back stronger than a 90's trend." The French mani has a renaissance era during the pandemic 2020 - 2021 and is still growing strong, thanks to the Y2K trend coming back in style. There's a reason why French manicures are a classic nail trend since it's minimalist and can be worn anytime and anywhere.

 If you're looking for nail inspirations with color and style, you can wear various French nail styles such as black French tip acrylic nails, gold French manicure, almond French tip nails, French manicure gel, and more. Here is our list of ultra-stylish French nails to give you a dose of creativity when you're suffering a creative rut or feeling sluggish.


1. Floral- powered French nails

This floral-inspired French manicure is undeniably a beaute, it's minimalistic, yet there's a punch with the floral design adding softness to the sharp lines of the French nail cutter tool. It's an updated style, but it still pays homage to the classic French mani with its nude-colored acrylic color. iGel Beauty, TaShara Patrick Washington designed this beautiful nail art!

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2. Gray and nude French nails

Here’s the classic twist you’ve been waiting for! The classic French manicure gel now dons a highly pigmented shade of grey. If you want the tips to be in the spotlight, finishing it off with a nude-ish brown shade is the perfect combo for you to slay! Accentuating the tips with black line art is a chef’s kiss! iGel Beauty, @stevenailedit designed this nail art.
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3. Classic Trio French nails

Do you love going back to the basics? Then the white, gray, and black color palette is the perfect way to add a twist to French nails. You'll love this nail set's black French tip acrylic nails vibe since it gives you drama with the ombre nails and shimmery glam. iGel Beauty Mari Jade designed these gorgeous nails!

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4. Tropical- inspired French nails

You can make your French nails come alive more than the classic whites and nudes by adding summery colors into your nail set; instead of white French tip, go bold with a bright hue of yellow to remind you of the sun. 

Then add some line art nail designs with palm trees, sunburnt orange, and nude hues to remind you of sunsets. Beach lovers who also love French manicures will squeal with delight with this nail art design. iGel Beauty, Whitney Duncan designed this paradise of a French manicure gel set!

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5. Minimalistic bejeweled French nails


Wearing a French manicure gel with rhinestones gives such a vibe! You’ll love the simple elegance your nails will have to wear this kind of nail set. You can use our No- wipe Jewelry Gel to secure your beloved rhinestones on your nail set for a long time. iGel Beauty, Antoinette James designed this nail art!


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6.  Red French Tip Nails


Acrylic nails with red French tips are stunning to wear, whether for fancy dinner dates to birthday celebrations. If you want to look like a star, this nail set will make you look like one. 

You can read our blog about Taylor Swift Red Album-Inspired Nails to get more red-colored nail inspirations. iGel Beauty, @wenailz designed this gorgeous nail set.

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7. Classic French nails with a twist

French nails are gorgeous, and if you're looking for ways to make it even more exciting. You can add a few jewels or rhinestones to add some jazz! French nails are never dull. You just have to be creative enough to style them. French nails are versatile to wear anywhere! iGel Beauty @nailsbyhami designed this pretty nail set!


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French nails are timeless and have always been a classic. You can easily create this nail trend anytime you’re stuck in a rut. You can join our online community if you need other nail inspirations, from blossom gel to DIY press on nails. See you there!