Effective New Year's Resolutions for Nail Techs


Are you someone who makes new year's resolutions and wants to jumpstart the new year? If yes, then here's something that is right up your alley. We want you to be the best version of yourself, and we're all for empowerment, growth, and success. It's another year for you to start again and achieve your nail tech goals.


1. Try a new nail art designs or trends


A new year means new nails for you to practice during your free time or whenever your client asks you to do freestyle nails for them. There's no harm in challenging yourself and working on other nail art ideas.

Even if you have personal branding, whether gel or acrylic, you can always break the chain and try something different to keep your nail designs interesting every once in a while. So, go ahead and have some fun while you're at it!

2. Prioritize your mental health or wellbeing


If you're someone who loves to create new year resolutions every year, then you know the majority of the people always include their wellness and lifestyle changes as the top priority on their lists. Mental health care and your overall health is also an essential factor in how your career as a nail tech will turn out for the whole year. 

If you're suffering from burnout, how can you give your best to your clients? How can you practice other nail art designs? To start the year on the right track, you might want to shake off the holiday binge eating and drinking by working on your fitness and implementing a healthier lifestyle, ones that are sustainable to do in the long run.

3. Educate yourself further


Learning never stops when you're in the world of nail art, and becoming a nail tech means that you should always be keen on learning new nail art ideas and always on top of the trends. If you want to learn more about your craft, you can enroll in a nail tech school or get a nail tech certification online.

4. Start Volunteering


Another fun thing you can do is practice nail art for your family or friends. Not only can you bond with them, but it's also a way to market yourself as a nail tech.  Volunteering is one way for you to make people feel good about themselves and you'll feel much fulfilled in your job whether you're a beginner or a professional in the field.

5. Work on your finances and savings


We know receiving nail mails can be exhilarating as a nail tech. We don't judge you for that! We're happy that we're making you jump with joy, and you're spending things that you need for your work. 

Just keep an eye on your expenses and make sure to keep yourself accountable every time you're spending on nail products; as an entrepreneur, you have to keep the business up and running too! 

As long as you're balancing your finances and keeping tabs on the accounting of your business, then splurging now and then doesn't hurt, right? You might want to have financial goals and wait on the next deals every time iGel Beauty releases one.

6. Spend more time with your loved ones


The pandemic made us all work from home, and if there is one thing we probably all learned from that time was to spend quality time with our loved ones. You can prioritize carving out more bonding moments with them this new year to relieve stress and know that there's more to life than doing nails. You can stop and smell the roses and enjoy life to the fullest with them and share some smiles.

7. Declutter your workspace



Your workspace is where you spend most of your time and energy at work which is why you should take the time to clean your workspace, organize them, and maybe you can redecorate it while you're at it. You can try Marie Kondo-ing your workspace to clear your headspace and help you and make you feel energized to start working and be productive for the whole year.

New year’s resolutions are a good indicator that you’re up and ready for a new beginning, we want you to keep up the positive energy. You can join iGel Beauty Facebook community to stay inspired and motivated to your goals.