How to Take Care of Your Nails During Winter


What's the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word winter? Is it the chilly weather and snow? Or the cute holiday nails you can wear? Regardless, it may look like a winter wonderland for you. It can be a nightmare for your pretty nails since the cold weather sucks the moisture out, therefore, making them brittle and weak this time of the year. It doesn't sound so delightful, isn't it?

You want to wear holiday nail designs that will match the season or make you shine but Alas! Your nails will look like they are going through the sign of the times. Don't worry since you can still prevent that from happening by following our easy, fool-proof tips on how you can practice nail care during the winter season.

1. Drink lots of water


You want to stay hydrated by drinking lots of water during the winter season. Your nails tend to become dry due to the cold air. The good thing is you can still maintain its moisture and strength by drinking water often.

Yes, it can be tempting to sip hot chocolate on mugs and other hot drinks you have in mind to keep warm but think about the numerous benefits of drinking water to your body!

2. Use a moisturizer or a hand cream


Not only do your hair and skin need attention during the winter, but your nails too! You can use a deep moisturizing cream to soften and hydrate your hands since it will also help your nails. It's best to use it frequently, about three times a day or every time you wash your hands.

3. Don’t forget to use a nourish/ cuticle oil


Whenever you're doing nail art, regardless of whether it's gel nails or acrylic nails, you always have to add a nourish oil in your nail routine to battle the dryness your nails can experience from the chemicals or the weather.

Depending on your preference, you can use it once or twice a day. You can also add cuticle oil whenever you're washing your hands often or using a hand sanitizer or alcohol. 

4. Try to keep your nails short as much as you can


This winter nail care hack may seem like a killjoy to those who love wearing long nails, but it still depends on your preference. Short nails are better to maintain during the winter since it's easier to take care of when it becomes brittle, and there's less pressure on the nails.

If you still wish to wear long nails, you have to practice nail care to the maximum level to avoid brittle and dull nails during this season.

5. Use a base coat and a top coat


Your top coat and base coat act as a shield from water; aside from being a primer for your nail art, it prevents your nails from absorbing water and becoming bloated in the process. It's an effective way to seal your nail art to make it chip-free and last longer, not to mention it makes it really shiny looking, which is a bonus!

6. Maximize using winter hand gloves


Last but not least, always wear your hand glove to protect your hands from the freezing bite of winter. Your nails will thank you for being diligent in keeping yourself cozy and warm all day long wherever you are. Don't forget to wear your nail tech gloves whenever you're doing a nail session to protect your nails from the chemicals and moisture from the surrounding.

Winter nail care can be a lot, but you'll reap the reward for taking good care of your nails. You'll definitely sport fancy nails much longer without the season wreaking havoc on them. You can get more nail care tips and inspiration from our network of hardworking and supportive iGel Beauties with our Facebook community. Join us!