Hues To Fall In Love With This Autumn

Nothing quite says ‘autumn’ than falling leaves, a warm cup of coffee or chocolate, knitted sweaters, and anything pumpkin-themed! It’s not just the perfect season to get all cozy– it is also the perfect opportunity to flaunt the colors of the season! You can explore different hues of orange, brown, and green with our special release LB Collection. Stay relaxed and book your next nail appointment as we took it upon ourselves to do the work for you! Say welcome to autumn with these nail inspos from our iGel Beauties that you don’t wanna miss! 


1. A Dose of Embossed 

Into embossed nail sets? Then, you’ll adore this one for sure! An all-brown set with gorgeous flowers, leaves, and glitter accents is next level! Recreate this look with our LB Powder - LB002 Marshmallow Pops as your milky white base shade then LB Powder - LB036 Simplicity for your true brown frenchies. These two colors beautifully complement each other so if you prefer a plain French nail set, look no further! 

Who doesn’t want their nails to stand out? Your nails will absolutely shine by adding glitter powder such as Dip & Dap Powder - Diamond Glitter - DG20 Tinsel Brown and topping it off with embossed nature-inspired designs using a light brown shade like LB Powder - LB160 Inner Peace. Look elegant and magical with this nail design!


2. Checkered Brown  

Check off your nail design list with this checkered nail set. Browns and whites never go out of style and if you want to celebrate Autumn lowkey, then you can take inspiration from this! To achieve this look, you will only need two solid colors: a nude with a white undertone and a Tuscan tan. Our LB Duo - LB139 Sweet Cinnamon and LB Duo - LB005 La Crème are the ultimate color recos for this set! 


3. Abstract Latte

Raise your hand if you’re a certified coffee addict! You and this three-toned nail set are a match made in heaven! This nail art will definitely remind you of your favorite drink with its modern abstract design and tones of brown and black. You can use our new neutral colors: light tan LB Duo - LB165 Vanilla Ice Cream and LB Duo - LB031 Plain Jane, a lovely almond brown shade. We all know that black polish is a nail staple so go for an opaque black like our LB Duo - LB090 Dynamic Black. Your nails will be photo-ready for your flat lay Instagram stories.


4. Quirky meets Scary

A 2-in-1 nail set? Why not! Whether you're getting ready for a Halloween party or just heading out for an Autumn stroll, this nail art will surely fit either occasion. What’s special about this set is that it utilizes all base colors for its nail art! To put your own twist, you may use our Dip & Dap Duo - DD184 Buttercup for the pastel yellow and LB Duo - LB159 Enjoy Life which will give you an apricot orange color. If you want an opaque sage green color, you may choose Dip & Dap Duo - DD317 Carpe Diem but if you want a glistening effect, you can try our LB Duo - LB114 Posidonia, a dark green color with shimmer. Well, look at that brown color! Doesn’t it instantly remind you of Hershey's chocolate? LB Duo - LB162 Keep Loving will certainly make you crave it! 

The charming little ghost design can be attained by using LB Duo - LB001 Chalk White and LB Duo - LB090 Dynamic Black. Another cuteness overload part of this set is the flowers and the groovy thin swirls which are achievable using the base colors! This is a wonderful set that captures creativity and fun. Don’t let the spooky season scare you away from expressing your true quirky self.


5. Colors of the Season

Just the right blend between sophisticated and festive. Show off the season's colors and make a statement as you power through your 9 to 5 grind! While nail art is the trend right now, you can always choose to keep it simple. Plus, this matte set is wearable for casual and professional settings. The secret to nailing this look is to opt for fall colors like our LB Powder - LB054 Bisque, LB Powder - LB049 Organic Olive LB Powder - LB024 Exposed, and LB Powder - LB073 Ambitious. You can keep your nails short or long depending on your mood. It’s never too late to build your confidence with these bold colors.


How you celebrate Autumn will set the tone for the months ahead. It is a great time to pause and allow ourselves to reflect on our year so far. Not just that, we all deserve to treat ourselves and loved ones this season!  

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