In A Good Mood: The Ultimate Mood Change Swatch Fest

It's inevitable to grow weary of your go-to nail color and routine and seek a little excitement when it comes to your manicure. “Current mood: feeling stuck”? 🤔 Perhaps it’s time to explore the world of vibrant colors and mood-changing magic!
Dip & Dap Mood Change Powder and LB Mood Gel are absolute game-changers in your nail adventure. These innovative products will take your manis from drab to fab with just a touch of heat or cold. Welcome to our mood change swatch fest, where you’ll find the polishes that perfectly match every mood!


Pretty in Pink & Purple

If you’re in the mood for some feminine flair, the sweet shades of pink and purple will make your nails look like they’ve been dipped in a tub full of roses with a relaxing strawberry and lavender bath bomb. Perfect for a romantic look that will make you blush or feel like a queen!

LB Mood Gel Colors
Pink-Orange, White: MC02
Pink, White: MC03, MC12, MC15
Pink: MC01, MC04, MC07, MC09, MC16, MC17, MC19, MC21
Pink, Yellow: MC13, MC14
Pink, Purple: MC20, MC23, MC24, MC25, MC26, MC27, MC40, MC48, MC52, MC53, MC54
Nude, Pink: MC11, MC18

Dip & Dap Powder Mood Change Powder
Purple: DDMC07, DDMC08


Orange Obsession

Orange–the color that radiates warmth and injects fun on any occasion. These bright and youthful hues of orange will definitely turn heads as you show off your fearless and bubbly side. It’s time to surround yourself with all the positive energy that this color brings!

LB Mood Gel Colors
Orange, Red: MC05, MC08, MC44
Orange, Pink: MC06
Orange, Yellow: MC42

Dip & Dap Powder Mood Change Powder 
Orange: DDMC03



Earthy Brown and Green

For a more natural and earthy vibe, opt for the brown and green color-changing powders and gels. These colors will bring a touch of nature to your nails and create a friendly atmosphere anywhere you go. Get inspired by the natural colors that we see in our environment!



LB Mood Gel Colors
Brown, Green: MC10
Brown, Grey: MC39
Brown, Orange: MC47
Green, Yellow: MC32

Dip & Dap Powder Mood Change Powder 
Brown: DDMC06
Green: DDMC12



Runway Red

It’s about time to exude power and passion with the timeless red. These burning shades of red will certainly make a bold statement and help you achieve that fierce or vampy look in any season. Stay runway-ready and naturally draw attention with these ravishing reds!



LB Mood Gel Colors
Red, White: MC43
Red: MC45, MC46, MC51
Red, Purple: MC49, MC50

Dip & Dap Powder Mood Change Powder
Red: DDMC01, DDMC02, DDMC04, DDMC05



Once in a Blue Mood

If you need some tranquility and relaxation, the color blue would be the ideal choice. This serene color will transport you to a tropical paradise and bring you a sense of comfort. Leave behind all your worries and treat yourself with a refreshing nail set using these shades!



LB Mood Gel Colors
Blue, Purple: MC22, MC41
Blue: MC28, MC30, MC31
Blue, White: MC29
Blue, Green: MC33
Blue, Grey: MC34

Dip & Dap Powder Mood Change Powder
Blue: DDMC09, DDMC10, DDMC11


Gorgeous Grey

For those days when you feel overwhelmed and simply prefer a more understated yet different manicure, the mood-changing greys are the way to go. Known as the ultimate neutral color, this will give your nails a polished and well-balanced look that will complement any outfit. Embrace a modern look with this gorgeous color! 



LB Mood Gel Colors
Grey, Pink: MC35, MC38
Silver/Grey, White: MC36
Grey, Purple: MC37



Whether you dip your nails into warm water or step outside on a chilly day, your nails will transform right before your eyes. Choosing mood-changing powder or gel polish for your manicure is like having a mini mood ring at your fingertips!

Hop on this exciting adventure and get in a good mood as you’re sure to find the colors that you love in our
Dip & Dap Mood Change Powder and LB Mood Gel collections. For nail inspiration and recommendations, our iGel Beauties will be here to guide you in your journey. Say goodbye to plain-colored nails and hello to a new way of expressing your mood!