Influential iGel Beauties to Follow for Inspiration

Are you a nail enthusiast looking for daily doses of beauty inspiration? Look no further! We've scoured the beauty community and found the top 10 influencers and experts to elevate your nail game. From mesmerizing dip nails to mind-blowing acrylics, these artists have mastered the art of nail transformation. Get ready to be inspired and join the iGel Beauty Facebook community to share your own stunning creations!

1. Ginny Smith

Ginny Smith is the queen of dip nails! As a recurring demo-er and a well-loved brand ambassador of iGel Beauty, she showcases her dip nail art and delves into tech products, gels, and sculpture gel

One thing to note about Ginny is that she absolutely loves the color purple, and you can easily notice the amount of purple nail art she’s created over time. The next time you bump into any of it in the iGel Beauty Facebook Community group, know that it’s Ginny on the block. Follow her for more tips, tricks, and dazzling nail art that will leave you in awe!

2. Ha-Mi Thuy Nguyen 


Welcome in Ha-Mi Thuy Nguyen, and her skills with acrylic nails that are truly unmatched! She consistently serves up jaw-dropping nail designs, perfect for all acrylic enthusiasts. Her stunning nail art is a display of her creativity down to the smallest details. Did you know that apart from acrylic nails, Ha-Mi also has an avid interest in food? Totally relatable! Boost your acrylic game today and follow Ha-Mi in iGel Beauty's Facebook community!

3. Jacqualynn Bednarchak

Jacqualynn Bednarchak is an up-and-coming press-on DIYer who's embarking on a nail school journey. Her nail school adventures can also be found online, and the fun content will make anyone want to learn along with her. If you're a huge fan of DIY press-on nails, you should check her out for inspiration!

 4. Asia Dominique

Asia Dominique runs her own successful nail business and uses a wide range of iGel Beauty products. She's a great source of inspiration for those who aspire to turn their passion for nails into a thriving business. Follow her for a glimpse into the life of a nail entrepreneur. Running a nail business is not easy, but Asia Dominique will help you breeze through it!


5. Crystal Gutierrez

Crystal Gutierrez's nail art skills are nothing short of spectacular. Her intricate designs and attention to detail will leave you amazed. If you're a fan of nail art, her content is a treasure trove of creativity.

6. Kristal Merejildo 


For those seeking nail room reviews and expert insights, Kristal Merejildo is the guru to follow. She's bilingual in Spanish, making her content accessible to a broader audience. Join her for honest reviews and valuable recommendations.

 7. LillipopNails 

LillipopNails specializes in creating stunning nail designs using gel. Her vibrant and imaginative nail art will make you fall in love with gel nails all over again. Prepare to be mesmerized by her work.

8. Stephanie McPhillips

Stephanie McPhillips is an acrylic aficionado and a former contest winner. Her nail art skills are top-notch, and she's a fantastic source of inspiration for those who love acrylic nails. Follow her for acrylic magic.

9. Stevenailedit 

Stevenailedit may be a former iGel Beauty educator and brand ambassador, but he's still very much active in showcasing iGel features. His wealth of experience and knowledge in nail care is evident in his posts. Learn from a seasoned pro by following him.

10. Christine Garcia 

Christine Garcia is known for her flawless Gel-X and Pro Gel applications. Her clean gel polish techniques are a sight to behold. If you're looking to master these methods, Christine is the expert you need to follow.

These ten incredible beauty influencers and experts will keep your nail game strong and your creativity flowing. But don't stop there! Join the iGel Beauty online community to connect with like-minded beauty enthusiasts, share your own stunning creations, and stay updated with the latest trends and product releases. Together, we can create a vibrant and supportive beauty community that celebrates the art of nails. Join us today and let your creativity shine!