Mean Girls Musical-Inspired Nail Colors That Are So Fetch!



So, here’s the tea. 🍵 A classic American teen comedy movie has returned this 2024, but as a musical film! As you’ve already seen in the title, Mean Girls 2024 is an adaptation of the Broadway musical based on the original 2004 movie, Mean Girls (which starred Lindsay Lohan and Rachel McAdams). Prepare to have your minds blown because Tina Fey, the writer of the original film, also wrote the Mean Girls Musical and starred as teacher Ms. Norbury in the new film. How cool is that? With the film being a cultural touchstone, it's time to bring out your inner Regina George or Cady Heron, and rock some seriously fetch nail colors!



1. As white as Cady’s Halloween costume


Source: Paramount Pictures


First up, let us all admire Cady's effort in coming up with this Halloween costume. Although the theme of the party was intended to be "sexy and flirty" according to Karen and Gretchen, Aaron liked it and thought it was "different" nonetheless. This white costume looked innocent and pure, but we all know there's a little bit of mischief hiding underneath. If you’re looking for white nail colors similar to this bridal costume, we have our best-selling pure and milky whites such as Dip & Dap Powder - DD164 Winter White (SOFT WHITE), LB Duo - LB001 Chalk White, iGel Match - 001 Pure White, and Builder in a Bottle - Milky White. White nails will definitely make you look as “grool” as Cady.



2. As teal as Aaron’s hoodie


Source: Paramount Pictures


We feel you, Cady! Who wouldn’t fall head over heels for Aaron Samuels? He’s one of the hottest and most popular guys in North Shore High School. Aaron showed up in calculus class and wore his favorite teal hoodie. Speaking of teal, it’s one of the most underrated colors out there! Just like Aaron, opaque and shimmer-finished teal nail colors like Dip & Dap Powder - DD131 Princess Jasmine, Dip & Dap Powder - DD317 Carpe Diem, Dip & Dap Duo - DD124 Miss Kelly, and iGel Match - A18 Peacock Feathers, give off a sense of gentleness and open-mindedness. Try out these lovely teal nail colors to match with Aaron!



3. As orange and green as the art freaks’ school-day outfit


Source: Paramount Pictures


Regina George may have called them “outsiders” or “art freaks”, but this dynamic duo was unstoppable. Nothing was more bulletproof than Damian and Janis' fierce and enduring friendship at North Shore High School, and these two shared their hate for the Plastics. Their outfits in the film absolutely complemented each other and made their personalities shine! To switch things up the Janis and Damian way, go for red-orange nail colors like Dip & Dap Duo - DD038 Tequila Sunrise and LB Powder - LB083 Fearless; and olive-greens such as Dip & Dap Powder - DD101 Seaweed and Dip & Dap Duo - DD103 Dirty Martini. These colors are unexpected this season, daring, and a total power move!  



4. As pink as the Plastics on a Wednesday


Source: Paramount Pictures


Any true Mean Girls fan knows that on Wednesdays, we wear pink. As the Plastics would say: “rules are rules”, so don’t forget to include your nails! Pink nails are always in and will totally make you feel like a member of the Plastics' exclusive clique. Who wouldn't want to know their secrets? Paint your nails as pink as the Burn Book with these gorgeous soft-medium pink colors: Dip & Dap Duo - DD060 Prom Night, Dip & Dap Powder - DD044 First Date, Dip & Dap Powder - DD143 Italian Rose, and Dip & Dap Duo - DD064 Shocking Pink. Pink is the color that started it all and is still as iconic as ever.



5. As black as Regina’s Homecoming Royalty gown 


Source: Paramount Pictures


Bow to the North Shore queen bee and unbeatable homecoming royalty, Regina George! The art freaks and Cady attempted to ruin Regina by pointing the running water hose at her. Instead of getting insulted, Regina gained even more popularity and became a trendsetter for that smudged eye makeup look. Are you feeling a little bit rebellious and revengeful for Regina? Then, black nails are the way to go to complete that hot mess look. Our popular solid and glittery black colors (LB Duo - LB100 Black Diamond, Ooh La La Powder - OLL02 Black Is Black, iGel Match - 155 Black Magic, and Dip & Dap Powder - DD241 Witching Hour) will take care of all the mystery and drama.



6. As blue as the Mathletes


Source: Paramount Pictures


Thanks to Ms. Norbury’s encouragement, Cady Heron went from being a plastic to a mathlete. North Shore wore the color blue, which is known to be associated with wisdom, responsibility, and most importantly, self-reflection. The color choice for this shot magnified the good decisions and changes Cady faced. To embrace this whole new era of character development, let’s choose blue nail polishes as well! Check out our fabulous and highly-rated medium to deep blue nail gels and acrylics like Dip & Dap Powder - DD119 Arctic Ice, Dip & Dap Powder - DD120 Cool Water, Dip & Dap Duo - DD121 Vast Sky, and Dip & Dap Duo - DD129 Blue Lagoon, to achieve calmness at your fingertips.



7. As red as the Plastics during the Winter Talent Show


Source: Paramount Pictures


Last but certainly not least, Red is another iconic color of the Plastics. Their popular “Rockin’ Around the Pole” performance for the Winter Talent Show was unforgettable and OGs would know why. For the dashing divas and fiery nail lovers out there, red is the perfect nail color to channel your inner queen bee. Our sparkly and bright Christmas red colors such as LB Powder - LB096 Dorothy's Slippers, LB Duo - LB097 Merry & Bright, Dip & Dap Duo - DD303 Sexy From Head ToMaToes, and LB Powder - LB093 Dashing Diva, will surely draw everyone’s attention. With red nails, you'll be ruling the school just like Regina.



The Mean Girls Musical 2024 is coming in hot, and now you have the inside scoop on the nail colors inspired by the characters' fashion styles. It’s time to rewatch the movie and grab some iGel Beauty nail colors that you’ll surely love. Join our own clique, iGel Beauty Facebook Community, and show us your Mean Girls-inspired nail masterpiece. Get in Beauty, we're going nail color shopping!