Mystery Boxes 2023: Experience Shopping Thrill The iGel Beauty Way

Embark on a nail journey filled with excitement, surprise, and endless possibilities–meet the most-awaited iGel Beauty Mystery Boxes! These incredible boxes are available in three sizes (Small, Medium, and Large), and each box contains a treasure trove of must-haves and fan-fave nail products. Whether you’re a nail newbie or a seasoned pro, these mystery boxes are sure to spark your creativity and elevate your nail game to new heights.


What’s inside each Mystery Box? 


Each mystery box is carefully curated with a selection of iGel Beauty’s most coveted nail products of the year. From top-tier electronics to best-selling polishes and nail art accessories, these boxes are a dream come true for any nail enthusiast out there.

But that’s not all–the element of surprise is what makes these mystery boxes truly worth it! With each unwrapping, you’ll experience the thrill of discovering new essentials, shades, and tools that will inspire your next nail masterpiece. It will absolutely feel like a personalized gift from the nail gods themselves! Don’t just take our word for it–let’s hear what our amazing iGel Beauties have to say about their mystery box experience. 

“I made it again...  3 mystery boxes x2, 2 large, 2 medium, 2 small 🤣🤦‍♀️💅💅💅💅 - iGel Beauty
Kristal Merejildo

“I like the mystery boxes, I’ve gotten good gel and dips from them” - iGel Beauty Grace N. Solivan

“I got my large and small today but the hubby said I can’t open it until Hanukkah  only took a couple days to get here!!” - iGel Beauty Lauren Bennett

Girrlll, right! These boxes got me all excited” - iGel Beauty Jenson Retia


Choose Your Adventure: Small, Medium, or Large


Small Mystery Box

If you’re new to the world of nails and looking for a budget-friendly option, the Small Mystery Box is the perfect introduction to iGel Beauty’s nail products. Filled with a powerful iGel Beauty electronic, two newly formulated products, two best-selling colors, an essential nail care item, and more top-selling products of the year, this box is a delightful surprise for any nail lover. 

“Just a couple more days decided if I like my small box that I'll buy a medium this year instead of ordering both right away.
- iGel Beauty Sasha Morsaw

Ordered my small mystery box last night! Can’t wait for it to arrive!!
- iGel Beauty Pearl Walker

I think y’all have convinced me to order a small box and hope for the lamp. I have one of their e-files”
- iGel Beauty Grace N. Solivan


Medium Mystery Box

Looking for a balance between variety and affordability? The Medium Mystery Box has a good mix of both, which is ideal for you! This wonderful package gives you more choices for your nail adventures, including a top-tier device, three newly formulated products, two best-selling colors, four iconic products, tons of mesmerizing accessories, and an entire box of items that will help you express your creativity. 

“Medium mystery box! I love all these gel colors... I'm happy to have a backup in case something happens.  Since I only do my own nails.. these supplies will last me a very long time”
- iGel Beauty Jessica Lyons

“Just ordered one for my daughter for Christmas! She graduates nail tech classes the day after Christmas! Can’t wait! I’m excited to see what is in her medium mystery box! 🎉🎉🎉” - iGel Beauty Trisha Pacini-Visconti

Just got the medium.  I've been checking and waiting.  This is only mystery box I'll buy.  I'm excited!!!” - iGel Beauty Yasmine Darce


Large Mystery Box

Are you a nail enthusiast who craves a huge assortment of nail products? The
Large Mystery Box is the one for you! Packed with a wide range of nail products, tools, and colors: two top-tier electronics, three newly formulated products, two best-selling colors of the year, four iconic items that come in pairs, three sets of fan-fave essentials, an entire box of items that will help you express your creativity, tons of other top selling products of the year, and so much more, iGel Beauty’s biggest mystery box will keep you inspired and ready to create stunning nail designs, whether it’s for you or your clients. Need I say more? The Large Mystery Box has it all! 


“I loved their large last year! May get one large and one small to see if i can maybe get a dust collector”- iGel Beauty Maryelin Nuñez

“Yesss i got the large box im going to be the same as last year.. we got alot in that box” - iGel Beauty Naynay Loveable Hearted

“I ordered my Mystery large box last night and keep checkin the mailbox for an update lol” - iGel Beauty Naynay Loveable Hearte

Whichever size you choose, one thing is certain–iGel Beauty’s Mystery Boxes will ignite your passion for nails and unlock a world of creativity. Join our iGel Beauty Facebook community to watch the unboxing videos and see the great feedback about the 2023 Mystery Boxes. Now is the time to unleash your inner nail artist and let the magic unfold before the year ends!