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The Importance of Color Charts & Swatches for Nail Techs

Aside from receiving nail mail, one of the exciting parts of being a nail tech or a nail art lover is swatching your newly purchased nail products, whether dip and dap powders or gel and lacquer. It's like road testing a car or watching a magic show where you see the beauty and wonder of a color unraveling. 

Color Charts and Swatches are not only meant for you to see the variety of pigments and textures, but it's also crucial for a practical number of reasons. You probably heard of the word Swatches on beauty product tutorials.

As a beauty enthusiast, it's a part of the beauty industry to see if the shade of cosmetic makeup or nail product suits them or doesn't give them allergies. We're here to enlighten you on the importance of Color Charts and Swatches and why it's a must-have for every nail tech.


What are Color Charts and Swatches?

Color Charts are color references nail techs can refer to for their nail products with various shades and textures, such as dip powders or gel and lacquer. It usually comes in a chart or compiled version of the products, while swatches are nail products or cosmetics applied to your skin or a piece of paper to show their shades or texture.


Top 5 reasons why Color Charts and Swatches for nail techs are essential:


1. Easy to organize your nail desk

Color Charts and Swatches are not just pretty to look at, but it's also a great way to keep your nail desk organized with its nail swatch display rack. 

On a busy day when you're fully booked, nail tools such as drill bits, dip powders, and e-files can be all over the place; having Color Charts and Swatches makes it easy to check inventory and go over countless nail product shades in a hurry. You can check out our blog on how to effectively organize your nail desk!


2. Can immediately differentiate nail products shades

Watching iGel Beauties doing Swatches live or product tutorials can be stress-relieving and visually appealing, like watching beauty content creators do their makeup or nail techs do a step-by-step tutorial on acrylic nails

Swatches and Color Charts help nail techs determine what shade they will need before and during a nail session. Since Color Charts have categories and labels, you can quickly identify what color you need to contrast with your nail set. Think about the 2022 Pantone color; what compliments with bluish-purple shades? Read our 2022 Pantone color of the year blog for nail inspirations!


3. Nail clients can pick a shade hassle-free

Think about the first time you entered a nail salon; a nail tech probably handed you a color chart or Swatches to pick a color for your first manicure.

There are plenty of colors to choose from, and everything looks beautiful; the excitement of getting your nails done makes it all new, your nail client can pick a color, and you can suggest colors that can complement their undertone or their nail set.

Color Charts and Swatches are like the menus of restaurants; customers can order what they want with various choices, or they can ask for your suggestion for the best-selling dish.


4. It helps fuel your nail art creativity

By looking at Swatches or Color Charts for nail techs, you can get a eureka moment that can inspire you to create your next nail art design set. You'll be surprised how a couple of vibrant shades and various nail art designs from Swatches of Crackle Gel and dip powders can get you out of a creative rut. 

Sometimes, you have to trust your guts and just let your creativity shine when working with colors and nail sets. You can binge-watch countless Swatches videos and live demos on our iGel Beauty Facebook community. The best part is you're not alone, and you'll be inspired by various nail art designs other iGel Beauties are sharing with the community.


5. Colors charts and Swatches are an investment

To avoid ordering two shades of the same nail product, having Color Charts and Swatches can help you do a successful inventory on what nail products you have run out of. Of course, it's a different story if you're in retail therapy with one of our sales, such as the 60% sale, or you're just binge-buying as a form of self-love. 

Swatches can also help you pick what shades you don't own yet, and it's a helpful tool to determine what nail products should be a part of your nail collection.

 Another benefit of having Color Charts or checking out Swatches is that you can see what nail product seems defective or not that pigmented. In the case of dip powder nails, you can see what products cause marbling and how you can avoid it.


You can see how other iGel Beauties use nail products effectively, making them not commit the top acrylic mishaps or gel polish mistakes. Swatches and Color Charts for nail techs help you determine which products to buy and invest in, so it's a must-have.




Color Charts and Swatches should be a part of your nail tech must-haves since they can help your nail career in the long run. We can't blame you if you find watching Swatches online are addicting and aesthetically pleasing cause we do too!

You can find a lot of live demos and Swatches on our iGel Beauty Facebook community. Not only that but you'll also be updated on iGel Beauty's new product launches and sales. Join us now, and you won't regret it!