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The Ultimate Guide To Proper Nail Storage And Organization

There’s nothing that retail therapy can’t fix. If you’re a nail lover who can’t resist buying tons of nail goodies (especially during those holiday sales), well, bestie, same! But here's the thing: after you've splurged and opened your packages, what’s the next step? How do you make sure you don't forget about them? That's where proper nail storage and effective organization come to the rescue! Learn the significance of storing and organizing your nail products, some helpful tips, and storage ideas to keep them in tip-top shape.


Why is it important?


Imagine setting up your nail desk for your regular customer, but you’re unable to find the blue nail polish you bought for her last month. Frustrating, right? An organized space will help you and your customers feel more relaxed during each nail session. Proper storage and organization not only save you time and energy but also help preserve the quality of your nail products. No more dried-out lacquer or gel polishes and misplaced nail tools!



But first.. we must let go of the old ones to make room for the new ones. We would like to introduce Marie Kondo, the queen of decluttering! In her Netflix series Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, she breaks down the KonMari method of decluttering, which involves organizing your belongings by category and retaining items that spark joy. You can begin by discarding nail products that are separated, cracked, or leaking, as well as broken or rusted equipment, before thoroughly cleaning and sanitizing your tools.



Essential Proper Nail Storage Tips and Organization Hacks


1. Make a mood board


Grab a corkboard and some colorful pins, and create a mood board for your nail room. If you prefer to do it digitally, there’s Pinterest to help you! Pin a room style, color palette, wall art, and your dream furniture. Not only will it help you envision your space and the items you will need, but it will also serve as a source of inspiration every day as you work towards your dream nail room!
Remember, your room setup reflects who you are, so build a workspace that encourages your creativity and aligns with your marketing as a nail technician or enthusiast. Whether you’re a “less is more” or a “the more, the better” kind of nail lover, there are tons of pegs that you can find online. Get more inspiration from our iGel Beauties! 


2. Categorize like a pro


When it comes to organizing your nail goodies, categorization is the key. Don’t worry! It’s normal to feel overwhelmed once you open packages filled with huge collections of various nail essentials.

For nail polishes and powders, start by deciding whether to categorize them by item number or color group. Categorizing them by item number will help you easily identify which ones are missing, while categorizing them by color family adds to the aesthetic of the room and can help you search for the perfect shade in just seconds. 

For your nail art tools and accessories, you can categorize them by type and function. This way, you'll always know where to find your trusty Authentic Blackwood Acrylic Brush Pure Kolinsky #16 or your favorite nail art gem.



3. Get creative with storage solutions


Now that you've categorized your nail treasures, it's time to find the perfect storage solutions. Let’s think outside the box and get creative! Storages and organizers are needed to keep your nail products intact, presentable, and useful. Most of our iGel Beauties use acrylic nail racks for powders and polishes,
IKEA drawers or acrylic trays for tools and equipment, and clear folders for nail accessories (stickers, foils, and decals). Others prefer to build floating shelves on the wall and take extra care of their brushes by opting for an acrylic case or dust cover! Click here to find out more about their organization hacks.

Apart from the space and storage that you will need, it's important to know that nail products should be placed in a safe space in optimal condition. Maintain nail products at room temperature and avoid extremes (too hot or too cold) to ensure consistent application and product quality. Store products in a dry, shaded area to protect powders from moisture and prevent any premature curing of UV-sensitive products. For your equipment care, we recommend using the original boxes or their dedicated containers, as these can prolong the lifespan of your tools and save you from avoidable expenses when you return your items for repair



4. Arrange your nail products 



The most tedious yet fun part! Try to free up your schedule and dedicate a whole day to finish arranging all of your nail products. As mentioned previously, you are free to organize your items however you want! You can organize your nail products by item number, which makes it much easier to keep track of your items whenever you need them, or by color family and height, which can look aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. 

As you place them one by one, ensure your nail products are in good condition. If anything is missing or damaged, please contact
customer service immediately. Gels and powders must be stored upright and kept tightly closed until ready to use. These tips will help prevent leaks and residue formation around the bottle’s neck, maintain the consistency of the powders, and prolong the usability of the products. Besides that, nail stickers, decals, and other paper accessories must be carefully inserted inside the clear folders. To keep the colors fresh in your mind and stay inspired for your next nail idea, allot an area where you can store and showcase your nail swatches. We also recommend setting up your daily nail essentials near your desk, where you can easily reach them. Find more do’s and don’ts by checking out our Help Site



5. Labels, labels, labels!


Let’s face it, when you get too busy working, you're bound to forget where your things are and the first time you opened some of your gel polishes. In such instances, labels can be your lifesaver. 

Avoid any mix-ups or moments of confusion by labeling your nail drawers, containers, or racks. You may put the name of the collection or the product type (regular, gel, cat eye, or mood-changing), so it can also help your customers familiarize themselves with the products. Don’t forget to take note of the expiration dates of your nail products for your customer's safety. A simple label maker or even colorful washi tape can do the trick.



6. Maintain essential records

Keep a complete file or digital log of product expiration dates, client information, service details, transactions, and other important notes. Updating regularly keeps things running smoothly, and your inventory will be well-managed. Remember, if products with resin start to thicken or have an irregular odor, they might have expired. Gel nail polishes usually last 24-36 months, regular polishes for 18-24 months, and unsealed iGel powders stay good for 24 months.

We highly recommend creating a spreadsheet or a handwritten journal to avoid customer and product issues, such as accidentally buying a duplicate shade and overlooking the shelf life of nail products. Database platforms like
Airtable can support you in organizing the shelf life of your goodies and managing your salon’s inventory effectively.



7. Rotate your collection


Just like your wardrobe, your nail collection deserves a little rotation! With all those amazing nail polishes and nail art supplies, it's easy to forget about some hidden gems in your collection. To make sure every shade gets its time to shine, consider swapping out some of your go-to polishes for new and exciting colors. You can also base your collection rotation on nail trends and seasonal colors. This will encourage you to maximize all of your nail products and find a new appreciation for your less frequently used items. Who knows? It might spark new ideas for your nail designs!

Already satisfied with your current collection display? No problem at all! We understand that some have already built a system that works for them. Just remember to swatch seasonally, as they expire and tend to fade or become yellow over time. Swatching keeps the nail as close to the true color as possible and helps customers easily navigate the colors they like. If you’re new to swatching, you can start displaying and keeping them organized using
Command strips or hooks for the rings of the swatches.


Don't let your precious nail goodies go to waste. This ultimate guide to proper nail storage and effective organization is what you need to boost your productivity and provide comfort to your customers. You’ll surely get a satisfying feeling after organizing your nail goodies! Join our iGel Beauty Facebook community if you're looking for more nail room inspiration and storage hacks. Happy organizing, iGel Beauty!