Chrome Powder Pen - Holographic Chrome - Blue

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Create the perfect mirror effect that you have been looking for! These fine holographic pigments will give you a holographic mirror shine! These Chrome Powder Pens can be taken anywhere without worry of spillage and are extremely easy to use!

Available in a total of 9 Beauty-certified styles!

*Recommended to be used with iGel No Cleanse Top Coat for a flawless finish!


Product Size: .5 g
Product Type:
 Chrome Powder Pen


Application Instructions:

1. Apply the base color with the use of any preferred gel color. We highly recommend our iGel Match - 002 Jet Black or Dip & Dap Duo - DD073 At Midnight color for an extreme contrast! After applying the base color, cure it under a UV/LED lamp
Curing Time: LED (30 seconds), UV/LED (60-90 seconds), UV (2 minutes) depending on lamp wattage.

2. Apply a layer of our iGel Chrome Base. Alternatively, you may use our iGel No Cleanse Top Coat. Afterward, flash cure for 10 seconds under an LED lamp (70 watts) or for 30 seconds under UV (36 watts).

3. Apply a thin layer of the desired pigment using our Silicone Brush Tip onto the nail surface. If you would like a more pigmented effect, build it up by adding multiple thin layers. 

4. You may also use our Dust Brush to dust away excess pigments on the nail if desired. 

5. Seal the nail including the tip of the nail with our iGel No Cleanse Top Coat. Afterward, cure it under your UV/LED lamp. 

6. For long-lasting nails, apply a second layer of coating of our iGel No Cleanse Top Coat. Afterward, cure it under your UV/LED lamp.


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