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How To Restore And Prevent Thick, Dry Gel Polishes

How To Restore and Prevent Thick or Dry Gel Polishes

Imagine searching for the nail polish your favorite customer requested, only to find it thick or dry. The first thing that comes to mind is to suggest a very similar color. But what if your client is very particular about the color and won't try any similar shades? Though it sounds stressful, don't quit just yet! Here’s an easy guide to restoring and preventing thick, dry polishes. Save this article for easy reference and let's get started!


RESTORE: 5 Simple Steps

It is normal for gel polishes to become thick or dry, especially during the colder seasons. Other reasons include prolonged storage, temperature changes, and improper handling.

Here are five simple steps to save your thick, dry gel polish:


1. Inspect the bottle


Inspect a gel polish bottle

The first step is to ensure that the gel polish bottle is tightly sealed. Before screwing the lid on, carefully remove any dried polish flakes from the bottle's neck. Once firmly closed, give the bottle a thorough shake, as it needs to be mixed occasionally. 


2. Warm the bottle


Soak gel polish bottle in warm water

Second, submerge the gel polish bottle into a bowl of warm water for 5-10 minutes. The heat can soften the gel polish, making it smoother and simpler to apply to the nails. As noted in the first step, ensure that the cap is secure to prevent water from entering.

This procedure also works for bottles that cannot be opened. For this concern, soak the closed bottles in warm water for 10-15 minutes. However, if you are still unable to open your bottles after trying this method, please do not force them open because our bottles are made of glass, which can cause serious injuries if broken.



3. Use a gel polish thinner


Gel polish thinner

A gel polish thinner is excellent for returning your liquids to their original consistency. For the third step, utilize professional gel thinners specifically developed to restore any gel polish's consistency while maintaining its quality. Add a few drops of the gel thinner (depending on how thick your polish has become), tightly close the bottle, then, give it a good shake.

Avoid using acetone or nail polish remover because they can damage your gel polish. Acetone is a liquid solvent that can break down and dissolve the ingredients that make up your gel polish. 


4. Stir the gel polish


Stir or mix the polish thoroughly

This fourth step will require you to pay close attention to the gel polish. After completing the three steps above, make sure that the contents inside are thoroughly mixed. Use clean cuticle sticks to stir the gel inside the bottle. 

You will need to monitor any changes or improvements in the gel consistency as you stir to determine whether you need to repeat a step or not. This stirring method also helps to break up clumps and ensure uniform consistency.


5. Test the consistency


Test the consistency of gel polish

For the fifth and last step, you must test the gel polish on a clear nail tip or palette to make sure it has achieved the right consistency before applying it straight to the nails. If it still appears too thick, try going through the steps again in reverse order. Perhaps a few more stirs or a few drops of gel polish thinner would do the trick. 



PREVENT: 3 Major Factors

Let’s talk about prevention. Gel polishes typically last for 24-36 months, and the shelf life may even be extended when we take good care of our gel products. It’s time to make it a habit to store your polishes at optimal room temperature and properly maintain them.

Here are three major factors to consider:


1. Temperature


Gel polish temperature

There is no specific temperature recommended for the gel polishes. However, to ensure product quality, we advise keeping the gel products at room temperature and away from direct sunlight. We highly suggest avoiding extreme (too hot or too cold) temperatures because they play a critical role in UV gel; not in the product's effectiveness, but in the ease of use during the application.


2. Storage


Storage for gel polish

Always remember to store your gel polishes in optimal condition to maintain consistency and extend their shelf life. The gel products must be placed in a dry, shaded area to prevent any premature curing of these UV-sensitive products. It’s also recommended that the storage space be safe for you, and out of reach of children since they tend to play around with items.

For more storage tips that can help you prevent thick, dry gel polishes, check out The Ultimate Guide To Proper Nail Storage And Organization.


3. Position


Position for gel polish

The gel bottle’s position is also a factor to consider in preventing quality issues. Store the gel bottles in an upright position at all times and ensure that the bottles are closed all the way to prevent any air from sipping through. This will prevent the liquids from hardening and becoming gummy or stringy.


Ultimately, taking good care of gel products will lead to longer-lasting, higher-quality nails. If you need assistance with troubleshooting any of our gel products, iGel Beauty is always available! You can email us at cs@igelbeauty.com or utilize the live chat option on our website. We would love to hear about any new methods you've discovered for preventing or restoring thick, dry gel polishes. Tell us about your experience and share your ideas with our iGel Beauty Facebook Community!




Written by Alyssa Bueno

Alyssa Bueno, a true beauty enthusiast, brings her passion for writing and beauty to life as a writer for iGel Beauty. With diverse editorial background and industry expertise, Alyssa curates tutorials, tips, and trends to inspire nail lovers worldwide.