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Top 5 iGel Beauty Products Nail Hacks You Should Know


Sometimes creating numerous nail art designs daily can be time-consuming and challenging. There will be days working as a nail tech that feels like a breeze, while other days can feel slow. Here's when nail hacks come in handy; it makes your workflow easier and helps you be productive. Read on since we've placed our favorite nail hacks below. 


1. Strengthening weak nails


If you have weak or brittle nails, you need to upgrade your nail care routine in the summer or winter. You have to take care of your nails since, as a nail artist, you have to set an example for your clients. It'll help boost your marketing strategies online and offline. For fragile nails, we recommend using these nail products in your routine.

 You can read our guide about Builder Gel to learn more about this certain iGel Beauty product on why it's the perfect solution to your weak nails.

Sculpture gel is another excellent alternative that you can use to strengthen your nails and since it is formulated to strengthen the foundation of your nails for your intended nail art.


 2. Using glass paper effectively


Glass paper is fun to use for your nail art with its shattered glass design. It can easily make your nail art design an instant masterpiece. If you're having difficulty using the glass paper, you can use it with a foil gel.

The purpose of the foil gel is to make the foil art stick to your nails. You can also use a rhinestone picker or wax pencil for picking up pieces of glass paper.


 3. Another way of using a Monomer


You can use a Monomer whenever your nail art brush gets harder after you use them. Rinsing your brush with a monomer can soften and act as a solvent. 


4. Drill bit cheat sheet


If you're still confused about what drill bit works well with what, here's a quick guide for you!

Tornado Bit -Removal of acrylic and gel

Mandrel -Shapes nails and makes the edge smooth

Barrel- Polishes nails a healthy shine, pushes back circles, and stimulates nail growth.

Nylon Brush- Helps remove dust particles in the nail polish process.

Cone Shape -Flattens and smoothest the extra thick nails and rippled surfaces.

Diamond Ball- Detailed cuticle prep works for the nail and cuticle areas.

You can read our Drill bit guide and learn more about drill bits in depth.


5. DIY hacks of removing nail art


If you're having a hard time removing your gel or dip powder nails, You may place the acetone in a glass bowl and place another bowl of raw, heated rice or hot water underneath. If you are using rice, heat it without water for one minute. The hot rice will heat the acetone and speed up the removal process. 

Nail hacks are ideal for busy nail professionals like you; whether you need nail art inspiration, best practices, or DIY hacks, you can join our iGel Beauty Facebook community. You'll learn tons of nail-related topics and connect with other iGel Beauties too!